Islam's WMDs and NATO

While the whole world is being spun to fear the nuclear, biological and gas Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) of one Islamic nation or another (but never those of Saudi Arabia), the true Muslim WMDs, against the non-believers, comes in very small sizes indeed, about 1-2 grams a time. What is this weapon? It is not radioactive, but it will destroy life. It is not a biological but it does come from plants. It is not a gas, but it is highly toxic. What is it? Why Heroine of course, the main and most effective weapon that Sunni Islam has to destroy the lives of Christans, Jews, Shiite Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus alike, not to mention all those atheists scattered about.

But what part does NATO play in this? Why the protection and distribution role, of course. No, dear readers, my roof has no slipped off again, there is precedent for this. Anyone remember the Opium Wars? Well, allow me a quick refresher on how the Queen of England, Victoria, became the world's largest drug lord.

Wikipedia defines the Opium Wars as:

The Opium Wars, also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars, were the climax of trade disputes and diplomatic difficulties between China under the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire after China sought to restrict British opium traffickers. It consisted of the First Opium War from 1839 to 1842 and the Second Opium War from 1856 to 1860.

Opium was smuggled by merchants from British India into China in defiance of Chinese prohibition laws. Open warfare between Britain and China broke out in 1839. Further disputes over the treatment of British merchants in Chinese ports resulted in the Second Opium War.

China was defeated in both wars leaving its government having to tolerate the opium trade. Britain forced the Chinese government into signing the Treaty of Nanking and the Treaty of Tianjin.

So, fast forward to 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and the placement of the puppet Kariai on the throne. One of the only good things that the Taliban had accomplished, besides making the roads safe to travel, was decimating the opium crop. Afghanistan, being the source of 90% of the world's Opium and the US/UK/NATO having secured the main delivery artery into the West, was not about to let it all go to waste. After all, it took splitting up Yugoslavia, making sure that first Bosnia and then the rump illegal state of Kosovo were created and that Macedonia's western third was also secured under Albanian mafia control, which itself was now running, with Western help, all of Albania and the creation of the gangster state of Montenegro, that the Turkish pipeline had a straight and powerful shot right into the heart of Europe, that is, that opium that did not go into Russia to poison my country and people.

The most spectacular increase in Afghanistan, the year after US/NATO took over, and for that part, every year after wards, was not the increase in prosperity, not the increase in investment, not the increase in freedom or the standard of living or even the increase in corpses as the fighting raged on, no the greatest increase of all was the 650% increase in opium production. Simply put, it beat all records, to drown the world, particularly the Christianworld in toxic poison, more damaging than the American oil spill gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, since this poison first rotted the soul.

Valued at $65 billion, Afghanistan's crop has been breaking world records each and every year, 2009 being the biggest ever. Over 93% of the world's Opium is now coming from that small, decimated piece of land. Western and CIA propaganda would have the world believe that all of this is the work of the Taliban. Doubtlessly some is, but the vast majority of Taliban held lands and held being a loose term, is broken desert, not the rich, government controlled farm lands in central and northern and eastern Afghanistan, with mountain glacier fed rivers and streams cutting deep, fertile valleys.

And why not, considering the American CIA was caught red handed smuggling cocaine into America in the 1980s, to fund revolutionaries who were growing that very cocaine. That directors and agents were also getting rich, well that was the buy product of that important fight of the Cold War. It was also the CIA who invented LSD and released yet another plague upon humanity.

So is it any surprise that NATO flat out rejected President Medvedev's rational demand that it destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan? Victor Ivanov, Russia’s Federal Drug Control Agency (FSKN), raised an excellent point while addressing a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council “Afghan opiates led to the death of 1 million people by overdose in the last 10 years, and that is United Nations data. Is that not a threat to world peace and security?

NATO spokesman James Appathura had this response: “We share the view that it has to be tackled. But there is a slight difference of views.We cannot be in a situation where we remove the only source of income for people who live in the second poorest country in the world without being able to provide them an alternative. That is simply not possible.”

Of course, why not? Would not want the bosses' nest eggs to spoil and rot. On the other hand, just in case Russia decides to take measure into its own hands, utilizing biologicals or if the Talibs win, a new report indicatesthat opium production has found another hot bed, another area that is a Western "victory": Iraq.

Opium fields spread across Iraq as farmers try to make ends meet

The cultivation of opium poppies whose product is turned into heroin is spreading rapidly across Iraq as farmers find they can no longer make a living through growing traditional crops. Afghan with experience in planting poppies have been helping farmers switch to producing opium in fertile parts of Diyala province, once famous for its oranges and pomegranates, north- east of Baghdad.

Yes, Saudi owned Sunni Jihadist Islam and its puppets and shills in the West have found few such excellent weapons of mass destruction as those that come in small several gram packages. Nor could they have hoped to harm the Christian world so much for so long and turn a gigantic profit from it.

Just another day in the fight for the Western (Saudi owned) Way of Life.

Stanislav Mishin

The article originally appears on the author's blog Mat Rodina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov