Obama on Trial with Columbia University

WE THE PEOPLE, are the legitimate government of the United States of America. Only an uninformed person, an illiterate person, an ignorant person or a person committing Treason can argue against that.

The President, Congressmen, and Governors and all elected people are just hired help. They are part-time employees of WE THE PEOPLE.

Politicians are simply day laborers who come out on the corner every couple of years to beg a job. And they consistently lie to get that job.

WE THE PEOPLE have had enough. No more free rides. Career politicians all across America are losing their jobs. They work for us. We don’t work for them. We are not in this World to please them. They are here to please us. We don’t exist to enrich them. They were created by WE THE PEOPLE to enrich our lives. Politicians did not create our lives. We created theirs, and enabled them to watch over us, for our benefit, not theirs.

Throughout this article, I bold and italicize WE THE PEOPLE because I want to get it through our politician’s heads that our government was created willingly, created by, created for, and created of WE THE PEOPLE.

If they don’t get that through their heads soon, they may get something else through their heads.

The situation is: The temporary help is lying to The People, spending their money, imposing un-Constitutional laws, assaulting The People, criminalizing children, catering to criminal illegal aliens, using The People’s money to bail out corrupt organizations and instigating many other inhumane and un-America concepts against us and against other Nations, with a President saying, “I don’t care about public opinion.”

WE THE PEOPLE do care.

The Indictment against Obama and Columbia University alleges:
1. Columbia Univ. and Obama conspired to defraud and commit wire fraud and mail fraud.
2. Columbia Univ. knowingly concealed the fact that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen.
3. Columbia Univ. aided in obstructing justice.
4. Obama fraudulently obtained office of the President of The United States gaining access to sensitive materials, posing a danger to national security.
5. The prosecution dropped the charges of treason and espionage to avoid complications with a death sentence.

Obama, the Community Organizer, tells people to organize. That just shows how brain dead he really is.

WE THE PEOPLE did organize……234 years ago. And now WE THE PEOPLE have organized against him and his policies that are totally against anything America stands for, as well as being detrimental to the World populations.

WE THE PEOPLE is the ultimate in Community Organizations. It is the largest and possibly oldest Community Organization in America. Today, this organization has more operatives, is better funded and has better intelligence gathering capabilities than ALL intelligence agencies on Earth. And, they have more guns than the opposition has.

In a matter of just a few weeks, a very small faction of this Community Organization, The Tea Party, organized and delivered over 2 million people on the steps of the Capitol in Washington D.C.. If they had been oriented towards violence, they could have easily taken every Congressman, Obama and Joseph Biden out on the street and tarred and feathered them and permanently removed them from our offices. There is no force in America that could have stopped that from happening.

There is no force that could have stopped them from hanging these traitors, burning their diseased bodies and grinding up their bones to be used as fertilizer for a “Victory Garden” at the foot of the Washington Monument.

Take a look at a video of the Tea Party in Washington D.C. in March 2010. Look at the signs people are holding. Major News is very busy telling us the Tea Party rally was full of racist signs. Do you see any ??

Another minor note: When Obama was inaugurated in Washington D.C., his supporters left tons of trash. The Tea Party cleaned up all of their litter before they left.

Compare the ground around the Tea Party rally in the video above, to the ground during Obama’s inauguration

Then ask yourself: Who would you rather invite to a picnic? Tea Party members or Obama supporters?

The pure, unadulterated truth of the ages is: WE THE PEOPLE formed the original States. The individual States, in mutual agreement, created the Federal Government. The Feds didn’t create us, we created them. WE THE PEOPLE are the parent and they are the children. And they are asking for a good spanking.

Each individual State in America is a sovereign entity, responsible for its own destiny, with a God given, Constitutionally protected Right to protect itself, from all enemies, foreign or domestic. The Federal government is simply the infrastructure to support the individual States.

Citizen Grand Juries have formed around the country, totally ignored by the hired help. Citizens exercising their God given, Constitutionally protected Rights are taking a stand against an illegal President and his Treasonous accomplices.

Barack Hussein Obama and Columbia University have been indicted by a Citizen Grand Jury. Charges of Treason and Espionage have been levied against them, with a host of other very serious offenses against the People and the Constitution of The United States of America.

That trial was the brought about by the extreme efforts of Pastor James David Manning, PhD, in Harlem, New York.

Jury selection for this trial began on Friday, April 14, 2010 in Harlem.

The charges of Treason and Espionage have been dropped by the prosecution, due to their concerns that if Obama and Columbia are found guilty, WE THE PEOPLE will demand that the guilty parties be put to death.

The trial lasted for several days. Many competent people, including Judges and attorneys, participated in this trial. Guilty verdicts were determined. Those verdicts were turned over to the proper authorities, to enforce the decision of that trial Jury.

NOBODY expects corrupt authorities to do their job.

This is not a “Mock” trial. Obama and his people are a mock administration.

This trial was a Constitutionally authorized attempt, under the 5th and 10th amendments, with Rights designated to WE THE PEOPLE, to bring criminals and corrupt officials to Justice.

As was well known by the creators of the US Constitution, if we leave this job to the part-time worker Politicians, they will just abuse our laws and our Constitution to protect and reward their friends with our money, as most everyone in the World now knows. That is why the US Constitution guarantees WE THE PEOPLE a method of eliminating corrupt government employees.

Authorities who refuse to do their jobs are being placed on a list for future indictments and punishments by WE THE PEOPLE.

If the various Federal Courts and the United States Supreme Court would do their jobs, WE THE PEOPLE would not have to step in and do it for them. It is an easily answered question: Is Obama Constitutionally eligible to be President for WE THE PEOPLE?

He has spent an estimated $2 million dollars, defending his “Right”, in some 40 lawsuits, to not disclose his birthplace, his school records or anything else about his past, which may prove or disprove his eligibility. Not one lawsuit has been heard on the merits of the case. Each case is systematically thrown out for made up fantasy reasons. Reasons that do not exist.

The United States Supreme Court has accepted several cases asking the same thing and they ignore them. Just recently US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, when talking with some Congressmen about the Presidential eligibility clause in the US Constitution, told them, “We’re evading that one.” And they all laughed about it, ridiculing the American people. Can anyone blame the American people for demanding a simple answer to a simple question?

Let’s see if they laugh when a noose is put around their necks.

Just recently, the US Supreme Court is begging for $77 million for heightened
“security”. What are they afraid of?

The US Supreme Court just announced that they are closing the front entrance doors to the public. What are they afraid of??

It is obvious to a 5th grader that Obama is hiding enormous amounts of information about himself, that he does not want Americans to know.

Our politicians are totally against the American People. And with all their bravado and arrogance, in reality, they are afraid of the American People.

Witness how they reacted to a man exercising his US Constitutional Right and his State Constitutional Right to perform a Citizen’s Arrest on a man illegally employed in a County Court House in Monroe, Tennessee.

Just about any country on Earth, including The United States of America allows for a Citizen’s Arrest. But, local police charged Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick with creating a riot and ordered him to go for a mental evaluation. A few weeks later he went peacefully back to Court.

Waiting for him were 200 Federal and State Police in SWAT gear with snipers on roof tops. Bunch of sissies. What are they afraid of?

I see articles constantly droning on about how lazy or stupid Americans are. Some are.

Most are good, decent, honest people trying to do good in their community, doing good for their country. We don’t wish any ills on any other Nations. WE THE PEOPLE don’t anyway. Our government lies to us just as much as they lie to you. It’s what they do. WE THE PEOPLE do not appreciate that, but Americans do not quite know what to do to make things right again.

We’re lost, to an extent, but quickly finding our way through this psychotic political mess. We have had deranged psychopaths many times before try to destroy America. Every time, they get to a certain level of arrogance, “in your face”, flaunting their intentions and we destroy them. 

Americans have a great deal of patience. Americans trust the system to run properly. American Major News does not tell Americans the truth about much of anything. We live under a Major News blackout.

But, The People are learning fast and communicating fast. Americans are learning so fast and communicating so fast that Obama gave a speech for Hampton University Commencement, wringing his hands, that too much information is a diversion and a distraction.

And he’s right. It is a diversion….to his agenda.

Because WE THE PEOPLE are sharing information about his evil plans, that Major Media won‘t. It is a distraction, because TV news viewers are leaving in droves. 100 year old Newspapers are closing. Major media is dying, slow but sure, because they lie to their audience and provide very little information of value. People are thirsty for the truth and they are looking elsewhere.

Here is an example of the American citizen’s psychology: Imagine you’re in a restaurant. One man is eating quietly. Some ruffians at a table near him start insulting him. No response.

So they go to his table and insult him. No response. So one tough guy pushes his arm, calls him names. The man politely says, “Look, I just want to eat in peace and go on to work. I’m not looking for a problem.”

Tough guy starts to throw a punch. The quiet man blocks the punch, follows through with a jab to the solar plexus, slams his foot down on the bully’s knee cap, and finishes off by breaking the bully’s nose and throwing him through the plate glass window. He notices the bully’s friends have left, and he goes back to his meal.

WE THE PEOPLE are that man. Obama and his friends are that bully.

Someone may ask: Why would Federal police and State police be afraid of one lone man, Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, doing what he is legally permitted to do? Why is Obama afraid of “information” being exchanged? Why would the US Supreme Court be so afraid, that they are pleading for more security and planning on shutting their doors to the public? Why are politicians dropping out of their campaigns? Why is Obama putting the 3rd Infantry’s 1st Brigade Combat Team on America’s streets in November for the elections? Why are they so afraid?

Because they know they are wrong, that they are committing Treason, and when all is said and done, when WE THE PEOPLE retake control of our part time hired help, lists of names already compiled, and new ones being added every day, will be acted against. And the punishments can be severe, as the playing field is rapidly changing.

And they should be scared, because, in our form of Government, WE THE PEOPLE are re-learning that we always have an option against corrupt politicians:

They can not legally execute us for what we are doing, but WE THE PEOPLE can most assuredly execute them for what they are doing. Constitutionally and legally.”

Mark S. McGrew

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew