Obama is a Bum, Quick Bring Out the Bad Russians

So, once more, on the Anglo press we hear about those evil Russians. This time its secret moles who have apparently been living amongst the Americans for decades and are just now being caught. Sorry folks, I am not buying it.

Let's review: so these people were caught, supposedly passing "secrets" to Moscow. The story has all the plots that Anglo fiction so loves: spies, moles, beautiful women, secret gadgets and the FBI even claims, invisible ink.

So what were these "spies" accused of stealing? Was it the latest deployments of US missiles? Was it the newest super computer technology? Was it ... was it ... of well according to this NBC Article "The Spy Next Door: Tri-Staters Charged as Russian Agents" they were:

The FBI said it intercepted a message from SVR's headquarters, Moscow Center, to two of the 10 defendants describing their main mission as "to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US." Intercepted messages showed they were asked to learn about a wide range of topics, including nuclear weapons, U.S. arms control positions, Iran, White House rumors, CIA leadership turnover, the last presidential election, Congress and the political parties, prosecutors said.

So, let me get this straight. They were doing what any US lobbyist hired by China, Israel, France or Saudi Arabia does? They were doing what most US advisers do, gather information for their clients and make high level contacts? After all, was it not John McCain's top adviser who also happened to be fully on the pay roll of the Georgian Genocider, Saakashvili?

Further the article states:

Nine of the defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum 20 years in prison upon conviction.

Wow, that's rather flimsy charges for spies. If so much surveillance was done and private information was intercepted and that's the best that can be done? So more than likely, what we have here is individuals who were working as unregistered lobbyists and had not paid their taxes. Not exactly high treason and after all, if the Americans had anything real, that is exactly what they would be charging these people with. But just like the militias they arrested, made a huge stink over and covered their press on, this will also fade. Those militias, if I recall, were released to await charges and much reduced charges and thus we can say, it was a false flag, just like this, to cover the news for the sheep in the Anglo world. After all, the British so also, love an anti-Russian story. They are also in massive need of a cover up to remove the sheared sheep's attention.

ABC news expands upon this ("Russian Spy Ring Suspects Busted! 10 Alleged Secret Agents Arrested in U.S."):

The complaint charging Chapman alleges that on 10 occasions between Jan. 2010 and June 2010, Chapman was observed on FBI surveillance communicating covertly via a private internet wireless network with a Russian government official including a coffee shop at 47th and 8th Ave and other locations around New York City. On Saturday, the day before she was arrested, the FBI used an undercover FBI agent, posing as a Russian Consulate employee to approach Chapman to set up a meeting with her to discuss problems she was having with her computer.

One of the other defendants, Semenko, was allegedly observed by FBI agents on June 5 meeting a Russian government official at a restaurant in Washington DC, who had arrived at the meeting in a car with Russian diplomatic plates.

Again, let me get this straight, she was a highly placed spy who would meet with some muddock she did not know to discuss computer problems and all he showed was that he was from the Russian consulate? And the guy Semenko (a very Ukrainian name, not exactly "blending" in) was eating with an official who arrived with Russian plates on his car? Not exactly your spy craft at its best. More like people who weredoing business with no thought that the FBI was following them for "high treason" or rather, for not being a registered lobbyist.

Further from the ABC article:

According to the complaint, in the spring of 2009, officials at the SVR headquarters known as the "Moscow Center" sought information from the Murphys from individuals who were identified as U.S. foreign policy officials to "try and outline their views and most important Obama's goals which he expects to achieve during summit in July and how does this team plan to do it."

According to the FBI, some of the people the accused spies met with include a former legislative counsel for U.S. Congress, a former high ranking U.S. government national security official, a person working on bunker busting nuclear warheads, and a New York financier who is prominent in politics and a major fundraiser for an un-named political party.

Again, hardly your high level espionage. More like what millions of "registered" lobbyists (aka buy out agents) and consultants do in that cesspool of American corruption known as (no not WallStreet) Washington DC.

The New York Times further backs my point ("Russian Spy Ring (2010)"):

The Russian spies made contact with a former high-ranking American nationalsecurity official and a nuclear weapons researcher, among others. But the charges did not include espionage, and it was unclear what secrets the suspected spy ring - which included five couples - actually managed to collect.

So who were these people. Well, this Anna Chapman made a youtube video of herself. Again, not exactly keeping a low tone. Then she founded an online real state company worth $2 million. Wow, again, not exactly low key and blending in. Yup, and as the gullible and ignorant Right in the US is barking on cue and screaming that these are commies. For a commie she's done better than many of those "capitalists".

Then there is the Murphys, who apparently had fully embraced the American suburban life style (note the over tone, that in Russia there is no such thing, again ignorance. Its not as developed but its there, that's why there are people sitting 2 hours in traffic to get into Moscow and back out again every day, or one hour each way in Yekaterinburg, but I degrees). They even had two daughters, those dastardly spies. Seems the wife had access to one of Hillary Clinton's advisers. Again, unregistered lobbyists comes to mind and again, no espionage charges, just money laundering and working as an unregistered agent of Russia.

The Guardian expands on this (Russian spy couples: Deep sleepers in the suburbs):

Patricof was a finance chairman for Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. He said Murphy had never tried to get any unusual or sensitive information out of him. "[We] never discussed anything but paying bills and taxes in phone calls or meetings ... she never once asked me about government, politics or anything remotely close to that subject," he told the Washington Post.

Vicky Peláez, another "spy" was a journalist for 30 years in Yonkers. Yup, seems that part of being a spy is to be in the media, TV reporter no less. Then woman comes from Peru. After being kidnapped by Marxist Guerrillas and having her ransom paid, she moved to the USA and married Juan Lazaro, another "spy". His "crime" on FBI cameras was: "FBI surveillance tapes have caught him referring to a childhood lived at least in part in the Soviet Union. At one stage he is quoted by surveillance experts as saying "we moved to Siberia ... as soon as the war started."

Well, now, for all those Latins who may have been born or whose parents moved to the Soviet Union, while they were children: America is watching you, you dirty damned spies.

Or maybe Tracey Foley, who is a travel agent with an accent. Yup, those damned, evil, sneaky Russians were just to dumb to get trained agents without those American stereotypical movie accents of "spies".

More from the Guardian:

Foley also had a personal website on which she described herself as a Montreal native who had lived and gone to school in Switzerland, Canada and France.

Foley's boss had this to say, according to FavStocks (Alleged hot Russian spy a real estate agent, another alleged spy is a Redfin staffer)

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman explained in a blog statement that her employment screening was clean, her track record as a contract field agent at Redfin was good and that she has worked at other brokerages like Wiechart since 2007. Immediately, Twitter lit up saying that they don’t call it “RED”fin for nothing which although is a little funny, it’s completely unfair, given that no espionage conviction has taken place, it’s all still alleged and because she had a social security number that checked out.

Or it gets even better with Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills:

Again the Guardian:

They were arrested in Virginia but appear to have spent most of their time in Seattle. There she is remembered as the more assertive of the two and he as "henpecked" and grumpy, according to the Seattle Times. The FBI says the pair, who have two small children, were sending and receiving coded messages to and from Moscow from their Seattle flat. But the FBI is not saying, if it knows, what was in those secret messages. Zottoli claimed to have been born in New York, but had only been in the US nine years. Mills arrived two years later and claimed to be Canadian despite a thick accent that neighbors mistakenly thought was Yugoslav. Zottoli worked as a car salesmen before moving into teleconferencing. He was known for his strong criticisms of George W Bush and the US.

What exact secrets are in Seattle, with its Lenin statue? Again, being born in one place and living in another is nothing new. Just ask the Kenyan born American president. As for keeping a low profile, why every spy knows is what you need is a thick accent and strong criticisms of the government and country you are in.

And the Mikhail Semenko, with the nice Rus name, where even the first name retains the spelling, who had dinner with someone who came to the restaurant in a Russian plated car? He seems to have posted extensive information about himself on at least two networking sites: odnoklasniki.ru, in Russian, and LinkedIn.

From the Wall Street Journal (Semenko Active on Social Networking Sites):

The online profiles linked to his name say he grew up in Blagoveshchensk, a city on the Chinese border in Russia's Far East, finished high school there in 2000 and enrolled that year in Amur State University, located in the same city. The university confirms that he graduated in 2005 with a degree in international relations. During that five-year period the profiles say he moved to China and studied at Harbin Institute of Technology from 2003 to 2004, earning a certificate in Chinese language and culture. The profiles say he also taught English in China.

From 2000 to 2003, the profiles say he helped organize Model United Nations conferences in several cities in Russia's Far East.


He ended up at Seton Hall University in New Jersey; his LinkedIn page says he studied there from 2005 to 2008, earning a bachelor's degree in international relations. He lists his primary areas of study as international security, Chinese foreign policy, China-Taiwan relations, and China's energy policy in the Arab world.

After a year in the United States, Ms. Kosikhina recalls, he returned for a visit to Blagoveshchensk in 2006. "He was majoring in Asian studies, but he was not quite satisfied. He wanted to be engaged in politics," she says.

During his studies at Seton Hall, he was a World Affairs Council intern in Washington for four months, helping to organize events such as panel discussions on foreign policy. After graduating in 2008, he took a job at the Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofit research group known for its measures of consumer confidence.

In 2009, he began working for Travel All Russia, a travel agency. At the time of his arrest, he was employed in the company's Arlington, Va., office as a corporate travel specialist.

His LinkedIn profile says he established connections with business partners in China and Latin America. Russian news websites say his superior at Travel All Russia was Vyacheslav Shirakov, a friend from Russia's Far East. A journalist in Amur, Yevgeny Kuzmin, confirms that Messrs. Semenko and Shirakov knew each other at Amur State University, where Mr. Shirakov majored in American studies and graduated two years ahead of Mr. Semenko.

This is a spy? My God, either the Americans who are buying this, and from the comments attached, they are legion, are absolute idiots or the world has turned inside out.

Prime Minister Putin put it correctly when he said (Russia angry as U.S. seeks to limit spy fallout):

Pime Minister Vladimir Putin said U.S. police who arrested 10 suspected spies in four cities in the eastern the United States on Sunday had gone "out of control".

"I hope that all the positive gains that have been achieved in our relationship will not be damaged by the recent event," Putin told visiting ex-U.S. President Bill Clinton in Moscow.

A few key points come out of this nonsense and the mass hysteria that is being bred. First, there was no spying. Any idiot with a 80 IQ, who can stop for a second and think, can figure that out. Second, this story is doing the job it was meant to do.

What is that, I mean?

Well simple: first off, the US is collapsing, economically it is in a second and much more deadly tail spin into the abyss, with each day bringing worse news and only Weimer Republic money printing as a way "out". Politically the US is inept and the world is laughing and some of that is also filtering through to the Americans.

Worst of all, the Confederacy of America, those old states in the south of America are like raped and beaten women, with the Obama husband coming to beat and rape them some more. Their economies already suffering, now they are covered in oil, the livelihood of tens of millions destroyed and they are also flooded by illegals, that will soon be their fellow citizens and will make sure that the power that made them citizens and gave them handouts on the backs of the raped southern states, will continue to stay in power.

So, Obama's Regime, is getting desperate as talks of succession are now even on the radios of the southern states. They need something to get the people's minds off of this and what better way than to trot out those "evil Russians" all over again. Its the one horse that they can always beat, knowing that American right will always forget everything when they can scream "Kill the Commies" just like in the Old Cold War days.

So out come these proxies, these poor fools, who even though the charges are criminal and not treason, will have their lives and already have had their lives destroyed by an out of control America. And best of all, the FBI, has stated that there are potentially dozens of hundreds more.

That the dependents have not been allowed to make any comments or that lawyers and diplomats have been denied access also seems to have escaped the American sheep. Guess what happens when you are arrested and your precious Lieberman’s bill strips you of your citizenship, and you are dealt with?

What does that mean? Once its not enough and Obama's political opponents gain power, it will be discovered that their closest assistants or even they themselves are also such "spies". Stalin blamed it on America, when he tried and murdered his opponents, I guess it is only fair for Obama to blame it on Russia, when he does the same to his.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov