Israel Kills, and the UN Imposes Sanctions on Iran for Intending to Kill

Celso Lungaretta (*)

The Security Council of the United Nations will have to pass in the coming days a new package of sanctions on Iran because it is supposedly seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Israel has not only proven to possess nuclear weapons, but were even willing to provide them to South Africa at the height of apartheid.

The theocratic Iranian state that represents a major threat ... for its population, since it executes human beings for being homosexual, for participating in peaceful protest demonstrations and other trifles that the the civilized world does not even consider crimes. But it has not shown the same aggressiveness in relation to other nations, except in words that the wind takes.

Israel already used a herd of swine in committing genocide and other atrocities against the people, systematically disrespecting international law, as evidenced by last week's pirate raid.

Rhetoric aside, there are no elements that allow us to conclude that Iran intends to even develop a nuclear bomb or attack Israel.

From the history of recent decades, it can be concluded without a shadow of a doubt that Israel will respond to any attack on a larger scale causing untold suffering, launching all the atomic bombs they have against the enemy. Israel's standard is always to react with disproportionate force, not only as retaliation, but also to intimidate and traumatize to the utmost.

Then, come the questions:

* Which of these countries from its concrete observable practice, has proven a greater threat to the rest of the world?

* Does it make sense to punish Iran for a bomb which has not been manufactured, after failing to punish Israel for actual bombings done that have been going on for decades, without any kind of international control?

Bottom line ultimately, there is only one reason: that the U.S. vetoes any resolution of the UN Security Council against Israel, while Iran does not have a shield that ensures impunity. That is, the law has no force. And force has all the rights.

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Author`s name Lisa Karpova