Mass Migration, the Modern Version of Invasion

In the ancient days, such as prior to 1945, politics, that is territorial acquisition, was much more honest. If I wanted your province, I invaded, if I could, took it, if I could and annexed it, if I could. That was prior to 1946.

Since 1946 and the UN, things have gotten more complicated and much more bloody.

Human migration, integration and annexation of property is something that is age old. One group moves into the territory of another, they either agree to settle or fight and then the outcome to one degree or another settles the issue. The conquered, and it usually was a fast event, either gets exterminated, assimilated or pushed out. More often it was the later two and quite often it was direct assimilation into the new state and culture, to one degree or another. Often times, the speed of the event precluded a high level of hatred and sped up assimilation.

Not so, in the modern world. In the modern world, states conquer each other through a slow, grinding process of migration and assimilation and forced cultural change. Since this does not involve a clear cut battle or series of military engagements, the victim does not feel defeated and resists with everything he has, thus instead of a short sharp act of mass violence, followed by first oppression and then integration, something that usually lasts a generation or less, we have multi-generational, degeneration, murder, oppression and counter oppression. In other words, slow attrition that further grinds down both societies, especially those at the center of it.

Now, the local populations resist in different measures. Often, the state, for what ever reason: corruption, ideology, or simple plain ignorance, does not actively support its own population on its own territory, against the aggressor state that is sending its population over. Some times the people take action to defend their lands and some times they roll over and "die".

Ignorance is the simplest matter to deal with, as the situation will become critical sooner than later and will force the attention of the government and population. Corruption is a much more difficult issue, as usually there are special interests involved at the highest levels. Ideology, such as that in the West, is a death knell, as there is no curing it, short of radical revolution, and the outcome is the destruction of the target culture and in the end a large section of the resistant population.

This is most obvious in places such as East Asia, Russia, Europe and America.

In East Asia, the invasions come both at the back end of the military, such as the occupation of Tibet by China and the so far failed cultural, racial assimilation or the invasions by Chinese into south eastern Russia (Siberia). As we have seen, recently, the Tibetans, based on religion, first and foremost, have resisted assimilation but due to the strict control of the government, that is Beijing, violent outbursts have been few and quickly suppressed.

But most nations are very homogeneous, such as the Koreans or Japanese, are as such, make it very difficult for legal immigrants and basically impossible for illegals. This is a concerted effort, coordinated by both the government and society, as a whole.

In Russia, Chinese migration and that of Chinese Koreans, fleeing China, has been much more visible. Russia's Siberia is heavily underpopulated, with about 20% of the Russia population located in the area. While the government's border controls are all but non-existent in the thousands of miles of wilderness, the enforcement in the cities and more populated areas, has also been very patchy, driven by corruption. Of course, unlike in many other areas of the world, the migrants do not bring drugs with them, but cheap Chinese merchandise, without authorization, taxes paid and used to dominate the local markets. Of course, this also is their downfall amongst the

Population. Simply put, the Chinese move into a village or town, start to dominate the market, bringing in more illegals to work it and force out the local population.

In cases such as these, where the local population is not actively supported by the government, the people have, on more than one occasion, taken the matters directly into their own hands, quite literally with torches and pitchforks. This often enough, forces the Moscow government to take notice of the lackings in the oblast governments and force the oblasts to rectify the situation, along nationalist, pro-Russian lines. In other words, enforce the law. Enforced migration checks, even deep in Russia, on trains, has netted thousands of Chinese who had no right to be in Russia.

Unfortunately, until recently, the same could not be said about Moscow itself and many of the other major cities, where building booms allowed local companies to quietly import illegal workers, some even from Mexico, but most from Central Asia. Now, unlike the Chinese, these are your classic, dirt poor, unskilled labour that floods in, along with drugs, guns and violence. This quickly became evident when the building boom left many tens of thousands without work and turning quickly to crime.

A galvanizing incident was the murder of a 36 year old, 8 month pregnant, mother of 1 other child, who was strangled to death by a Tajik illegal, for nothing more than her wallet. Public outcry was deafening and Moscow city government was forced to at least start to address the issue with sweeps and deportations. The issue is far from settled and these third worlders are less than welcome.

Then there is the case of the West, especially that of the Anglos.

Entire cultures are being radically changed by the mass importation, and what else can it be possibly called, of third world Islamics in Europe and Latin Americans, specifically Mexicans, as well as Islamics, in America. This has caused radical shifts toward oppressive Shari, calls for Islamic Caliphates and Raza Reconquesta, depending on which nation is talked about. However, Europe is not all equal and outside of the mostly Anglo sheep, though to be fair, there are small groups fighting to over come their cultural and physical enslavement and destruction, there is a quickly growing back lash.

In Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands, right parties have come to power, advocating expelling the Islamic threat. These parties join the already in power Italian right. Behind them, clamoring for power and gaining it, are similar parties in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain. It would seem that the radical Islamics are over staying their welcome and over playing their Jihadist hand. Their drive for Shari has awoken a sleeping public that still out numbers them some 10 to 1. If the will of the people is not carried out peacefully, by the government, the people will more than take matters into their own hands, as have Italians, first burning out gypsy shanty towns, then forming mobs to attack rioting Africans in Sicily.

However, the English and American Anglos do not seem phased. Never mind that Islamics in England can stand on the street corners and scream death to the queen, while England itself is now a terrorist state, exporting Jihad. Of course, England has been joined by the US in that distinction. Both are coming more and more to resemble the very states they define as evil: Iran: authoritarian and Islamic, though of the Sunni, Saudi, variety.

Weak cultures are often over whelmed by more powerful, but rarely more civilized, cultures, as is happening in America and the UK, both led by self-loathing elites who are more than happy to see the very cultures that gave them prosperity destroyed, in some masochistic cleansing ritual. They use this to rid themselves of their own white-Christian guilt, regardless of the very real blood toll it is taking upon their very own people. Self obsession and self loathing is the way of the man-gods of the Anglo world. That the majority of the citizenry is rolling over for this, shows the very depth of that prevalent self-loathing and guilt and the desire for self-destruction.

The void can be a very alluring thing and it has already pulled in much of the corrupt and dieing West.

Stanislav Mishin

The article originally appears on the author’s blog, Mat Rodina

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