Obama's Drunken, Drug Running and Paedophile Helpers

By Hans Vogel

This winter, instead of the traditional story about a little orphaned ice bear cub or cute little elephant baby, the world was fed a different kind of story. For variation's sake, the cute animal tales are sometimes replaced by some horror story. Just before last Christmas, a carefully scripted charade was enacted by the combined security services of the US and one of its European client states. There is no need to retell the details of the Detroit incident starring the “crotch bomber,” or “underpants bomber,” as the poor Nigerian patsy is usually referred to. Anyone with a minimum of intelligence should have immediately seen the story for what it is: a scam.

In its efforts to institute the ultimate totalitarian state, the US has taken yet another step. For some time now, the US government has been looking for a justification to subject airline passengers to even more humiliating security checks, forcing everyone to undergo full body scanning. The Detroit charade was designed specifically for this purpose. No sooner had the charade's main character been carried off to some unknown destination, then the first round of lunatic new on board security measures was announced. During the last hour of flight before landing, passengers are no longer allowed to have anything in their laps and are prohibited from visiting the lavatory. As if these new rules had been designed beforehand and were put into effect at the first opportunity.

One crucial detail is mostly left out of the Detroit charade story as it is being handled by the mainstream media worldwide: at Amsterdam airport, the “crotch bomber” boarded the US-bound flight without a passport and without going through any security check. Instead, he was escorted by a “well-dressed” gentleman who apparently had access to the boss of the Israeli firm that handles security at Amsterdam. If the same “well-dressed” gentleman would render this service to all passengers, flying would certainly be a more pleasant experience than it is for most of us at this moment.

Curiously, the only answer the US government could think of, seconded by the usual orchestrated choir of its vassal states, was to increase security checks for all passengers, subjecting them to full body scans. Just pause here for a moment. Does this sound logical to you? Of course it does not! If there actually has been an attempt to blow up an airplane and the would-be “crotch bomber” was escorted by another person, the logical thing to do would be to check out security at Amsterdam airport. Not to increase security measures for all passengers. However, the stupidity of the US government may actually be so serious that they actually believe they could tackle the issue by the measures they have taken so far. In the light of the endless series of stupid mistakes the US government has over the past decade been making in Afghanistan and Iraq, it may even be conceivable they figure to be on track with their response to the Detroit incident.

Yet I think this is not the case. I believe the Detroit charade was part of a concerted scheme to increase passenger “security” which I suspect has very little to do with any genuine concern for the passengers. It certainly seems part of a grand design to make airline travel unattractive and to get the public used to police state controls. Unfortunately, most of the public numbly believes the official government story. Does nobody wonder why on the one hand his government would go to great lengths to protect the safety of citizens when they board an airplane, while on the other the same governmentcould not care less about his economic security? What about the irresponsible bank bailouts of the past year, the home foreclosures affecting millions of people, the mounting unemployment, the collapse of social security? It just does not square.

In its sinister efforts, the US government is supported by the governments of its vassal states. This time, a major role was assigned to the Dutch government. The first Dutch actor to make a public statement was the Minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin. It is a mystery how this man ever made it back to a cabinet position, after being forced to resign in 1994 as justice minister for his involvement in a billion dollar drug trafficking operation. The man is also suspected of paedophilia. Moreover, the highest ranking public servant in the justice ministry is a notorious paedophile. Hirsch Ballin called for the immediate introduction of full body scanners at Dutch airports. A few days later, Dutch interior minister, Mrs. Guusje ter Horst was cued to chip in. This woman, an alcoholic who is routinely let off the hook by the police whenever she is caught driving while drunk, actually had the nerve to say that the world had escaped disaster when the “crotch bomber” plan was foiled.

To call the bombing of a plane carrying 250 passengers a world disaster is to scoff at the daily massacre of dozens of Iraqis and Afghans that has been going on since 2001. Indeed, one either has to be drunk, stupid or plain evil to ignore the genocide against Iraqis and Afghans, a crime against humanity which the Dutch government fully supports and even participates in. Apparently, for the Dutch government, the life of an Iraqi or Afghan is worth less than the life of a European or a US citizen. The fact that no one so far has chided Mrs. Ter Horst, the “minister of alcoholic affairs” for her racist and discriminatory remarks is yet more proof of the moral decrepitude of the main stream media.

After the Dutch cabinet ministers had played their bit parts, the leaders of other European vassal states came on stage. One after the other, Germans, Italians and Englishmen gave their performance, with the main stream media predictably spreading the message without any accompanying critical editorial commentary. Thus within two weeks, the European public has ostensibly been won over to support the introduction of security measures that will make air travel an even more miserable experience, and that will certainly not improve security.

However, the fact that the Obama regime now has to rely on vassal state officials with demonstrable criminal records an assorted deviant behavior, is another indication that the US empire is in a deep crisis. Nor does the support from the vassal states come spontaneously. For instance, the chief explanation for the obsequiousness of the Dutch seems to be blackmail. That is right, blackmail. Mr. Joris Demmink, the justice ministry's director general, is being blackmailed by the Turkish intelligence service at least since 2002. The blackmail concerns Mr. Demmink's orgies with under age boys in Turkish seaside resorts. Given the close ties the Turkish intelligence services have with their US counterparts, it can be easily understood the US is blackmailing the Dutch as well. In other words, what we are witnessing are scenes from a Hollywood mafia movie, only this time its title reads “international diplomacy, US style.”

The US government does not seem to realize that its hold on the vassal states is becoming a tenuous one, since the popular acceptance of their puppets and stooges is dwindling at an ever faster rate.

Hans Vogel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov