Karadzic, another victim of NATO's The Hague Kangaroo Court

By Hans Vogel

The entire “Western” press was up in arms over Radovan Karadzic's having succesfully postponed the beginning of his trial at The Hague with one day. Most media reported the event with indignant or scathing undertones, venting a mixture of surprise and anger. If one would take such reports at face value, it seems Mr. Karadzic has already been convicted. He is standing trial for allegedly having ordered the killing in 1995 of some 8,000 Bosnians at Srebrenica.

This brings up the question: “Will Mr. Karadzic get a fair trial?”

One could answer this with another question: “is the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia a neutral body?”

The answer to this question is an unequivocal “no”. The ICTY is in fact a classic kangaroo court. It was created, funded and staffed by NATO, that is the US and its European vassal states. The very countries that destroyed Yugoslavia and that are therefore mainly responsible for the ensuing wars and violence, have created the ICTY in order to cover up their own crimes and put the blame on a small group of defenseless people: mainly Serbs and a handful of Croats. Curiously but not surprisingly, the ICTY is barred from prosecuting NATO soldiers, politicians and officials, because it has explicitly been ruled out these could possibly be guilty of war crimes.

A court that has its hands tied in such a way is not a court of justice, it is a political weapon, a propaganda instrument. Therefore, nobody on the ICTY staff, none of its judges can be considered an honest, decent person. They have sacrificed their conscience in exchange for money, (dubious) prestige and career advancement. Each and every single individual on the ICTY payroll has, like Faust, sold his soul to the devil.

Why a special court for Yugoslavia?

Until its dissolution in 1991-1992, Yugoslavia was one of the few truly independent states of Europe. By managing to liberate itself from Nazi occupation without major foreign assistance. Apart from some weapons shipments from the US and Britain and the participation of some Soviet troops in the war's final phases, it was the Yugoslavs who freed themselves. Most of these were communist Serb guerillas (“partisans”), aided by smaller numbers of progressive Croats, Slovenes and others. The Bosnians (Serb speaking muslims) and Albanians (from Kosovo) for the most part collaborated with the Nazis, with many young males enlisting in special SS divisions. Until 1945, Croatia was a Nazi puppet state run by the fanatical fascist Ustasha movement. Thus when Yugoslavia declared itself a republic in 1946, it owed allegiance neither to the Soviet Union, nor to the US, the two superpowers that came to dominate Europe after the defeat of the Nazis.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the US quickly moved in to take its vacant position in Eastern Europe, turning the former Soviet satellites into obsequious followers of whatever Washington DC dictated.

Except, of course, Yugoslavia, which though socialist, was not a Soviet satellite. Therefore, Yugoslavia had to be broken up, dissolved into its constituent parts. The German government, together with the Vatican, took the lead in recognizing the independence of the first two breakaway republics, Slovenia and Croatia. The German government, seeking to expand the markets for its exporters and investors was only too eager to recover Slovenia and Croatia, that until 1918 formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and that are still imbued with German culture. The Vatican (then led by Pope John Paul II), was happy to recover its lost influence in these two new republics, that had always belonged to the Roman Catholic heartland and where popular devotion has traditionally been strong.

The US soon joined the bandwagon, but then it turned out that the destruction of Yugoslavia was going to be a lengthy, messy and bloody affair, especially in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Allying itself with the Muslim element, the US allowed or facilitated the introduction into these regions, of Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda fighters and of volunteers from Iran.

Supported by the US, loaded with cash provided by Saudi Arabia and other major Middle Eastern oil producers, and reinforced by experienced and fanatical muslim soldiers, the Bosnian, Kosovar and Macedonian muslims started a war for independence. Their enemies? Serbs and other Christians living in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Needless to say, the Serbs called in the help from the Serbs living in the Serb heartland.

Then the UN intervened in the Bosnian civil war, in order to protect the Bosnians against the Serbs. One of the “safe havens” indicated by the UN and protected by UN troops was Srebrenica. In 1995, this town was put under control of a newly created, half-trained Dutch army unit under an incompetent Dutch commander. As soon as the Serbs appeared on the horizon, this cowardly commander left the premises, but not without first having had a few drinks with general Mladic, the Serb commander taking over Srebrenica. The Serbs then allegedly massacred some 8.000 Bosnians who had looked for shelter at Srebrenica.

It is for this that Karadzic, at that moment president of the non-recognized Bosnian-Serb republic, a breakaway statelet from Bosnia,has been indicted. The name of the charge: “genocide!” As anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see, Karadzic should not be the only one indicted for genocide. His fellow-defendants should include the UN leadership responsible for creating an untenable safe haven at Srebrenica and not rushing to the aid of the small army unit protecting it; but also the Dutch commander Karremans who left the town in the lurch.

Just to put this into perspective, let us take a look at what the US and its NATO vassals did to Serbia in 1999. When Serb president Milosevic refused to let NATO and the US take over control of the Serb province of Kosovo, ignoring an ultimatum, a savage aerial bombing campaign lasting 78 days, was unleashed against Serbia. Causing damage valued at 100 billion dollars and killing some 6.000 Serb civilians, this bombing campaign destroyed the entire Serb economic and social infrastructure: factories, power plants, bridges, railways, hospitals, you name it, nothing was immune from NATO bombs, many equipped with depleted uranium (DU) tips. As a result of this, many areas in both Serbia and Kosovo were contaminated with depleted uranium dust, affecting the soil, the water, plant and animal life and humans. Thousands have died of weird and vicious forms of cancer, caused by DU. Many children were born with horrendous birth defects.

At this point, the ridiculousness and unlawfulness of the ICTY really become apparent, because those responsible for the horrors caused by the US and NATO bombing campaign CANNOT BE PROSECUTED by the ICTY.

In fact, those responsible ought to be in the dock of the ICTY as well, indicted with genocide. They would include former US president Bill Clinton, former NATO general secretary Javier Solana, foremer German chancellor Schröder and his sidekick Joschka Fischer, former British prime minister Tony Blair, former Dutch prime minister Wim Kok and many, many others.

Will Karadzic get an honest trial? You must be kidding!

Many observers believe the trial is going to take three years at least. If Karadzic manages to read the one million pages of the indictment within a year from now, and if he manages to put up a feisty and effective defence against the despicable cowards sitting on the other side of the table, disguised as judges, his life is in danger.

I bet you in that case he will one day be discovered dead in his cell. The medical experts will no doubt diagnose death from “natural causes,” discovering some debilitating disease he was suffering from. Since this might sound too much like the fate of two other high profile ICTY defendants (Slobodan Milosevic in 2006 and Milan Kovacevic in 1998), chances are Karadzic will be suicided in a more direct way, like Milan Babic in 2006 and Slavko Dokmanovic in 1998.

At any rate, it must be doubted Karadzic will ever leave his The Hague prison cell for good, other than on his back, feet first.

Radovan Karadzic has already been convicted and only a miracle will enable him to escape the fate the ICTY has in store for him.

Hans Vogel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov