Mr. Muddy's 'Miracle' or: Barroso and the Rigged Referendum

By Hans Vogel

It must truly have been a relief for the Brussels Eurocrats that Ireland has approved the Lisbon Treaty. Indeed, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso welcomed the result with an official statement. Wow. Incidentally, Barroso (which, translated into English would mean “muddy”) ought to be behind bars instead of in some plush Brussels office. In 2003, while still Prime Minister of Portugal, he wholeheartedly supported the US invasion of Iraq and thus helped provide a legal facade for the occupation of Iraq, that has cost the lives of some 1.5 Iraqis. In other words, Barroso is a war criminal.

Nothing now stands in the way for the final introduction of the Lisbon Treaty. One of its provisions calls for the nomination of a president of the European Union. Two of the main candidates are also war criminals on the loose, just like Barroso himself. One is former British Prime Minister Blair, the other is Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende. Like “Mr. Muddy,” this duo is an accomplice to Bush II's war crimes in the Middle East. What we are witnessing here is brothers in crime giving each other a hand.

It has all been made possible by a true miracle. Whereas merely a year ago, 54% of the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty, on October 1 more than 2/3 voted in favor. The explanations given for this dramatic and unbelievable turnaround concern the current economic crisis (hitting Ireland with particular vehemence) and the effective propaganda in favor of the “Yes” camp.

I think this is utter and shameless nonsense.

I believe the 2008 Irish referendum was a true and open referendum, taking place in all openness. Hence the complete surprise of both the Irish government and the Brussels Eurocracy. Both have become totally alienated from the common voters and have not a clue as to what the electorate thinks or believes. Actually, they could not care less, but back in 2008 they were once again forced to acknowledge the fact that the citizens may sometimes disagree with their rulers. The French and Dutch rejections of the “European Constitution” were also unpleasant reminders to the rulers that the folks out there may have different ideas from their own.

Ireland being the only European country still respecting democratic ground rules (or at least paying lip service to them), the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 was a serious problem. An unexpected obstacle to the plans of all those criminals whose name begins with a “B”, and to all the other criminals and accomplices whose names begin with an “A,” “C” and down the alphabet straight to “Z.”

Imagine for a moment that instead of voting for the Lisbon Treaty, the Irish public would have been requested to pronounce itself on some detergent or soft drink. Would you believe their opinion could change as drastically as it has now on the Lisbon Treaty? Within one year? Everyone knows how hard it is to penetrate an unwelcoming market. It takes years and years of a concerted marketing offensive to turn the public around. Yet for something as important and vital as the Lisbon Treaty this is supposed to have been accomplished in about one year. Do you really think the Irish are stupid, or that they have no spinal column, or a memory?

Next question to ask oneself is, who financed the Yes-campaign in Ireland. Easy to answer. Of course, the incumbent Irish government, certain key Irish firms, such as Ryanair that needs EU commission support in order to expand its network, but also the Brussels Eurocrats. They must have a nervous moment or two before the result of the latest referendum was announced. But you can be sure these Eurocrats have been doing everything in their power, bribing everyone they could, spending every penny they could muster, to persuade the Irish to make the right decision this time. But in order to be absolutely sure of the desired result (a resounding victory), more was needed.

More of what? You now ask.

Do you remember the latest Russian elections? Elections in the Caucasus? In Bosnia? In Africa? In short, elections anywhere but “Europe” or the US? All these elections were and are monitored by foreign observers. Sometimes provided by the EU; sometimes by the UN, sometimes by the OSCE. What do these observers observe? They look at the actual voting process. They help ensure voting booths are not closed before the official end of voting. They keep an eye on ballot boxes and see to it these are not stuffed. Monitors move around the counting offices and randomly check on the counting process. They report on any stuffed ballot boxes being brought in, they look over the shoulders of the short the observers report on any irregularities that would warrant the annulment of the election. On the whole, they help to ensure elections are honest and fair.

Were there any monitors present at the latest Irish referendum? No there weren't. This referendum, so vital to the survival of the European project managed by Mr. Muddy and his buddies in crime, there were NO outside monitors. Hence, even by the EU's own standards, the Irish referendum was not open and fair, nor is the outcome a credible one.

If the Irish voters clearly said “NO” to the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, why were they asked the same question again a year later? Does this sound democratic to you? Wasn't the Irish 2008 vote final? Of course it would have been if they had voted “Yes”. Thus, the 2009 referendum was undemocratic, because the voters were pressured to vote “Yes.” And suppose they voted “NO” again, do you believe the result would have been made public? Of course not. That is why the 2009 referendum is no more but a travesty of democracy, a farce, a shame, a manipulated affair whose result was known beforehand. There was no way the Irish voters actually could have repeated their “NO” vote. The entire machinery was geared to yielding the desired result: a “Yes” vote.

If you would like any more proof that the EU is an evil project run by a band of ruthless criminals, look no further. Just look at the Irish referendum.

Welcome to the Brave New World of Europe.

Hans Vogel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov