Mass March on Washington, But to What End?

The day after Americans commemorated the suicide bombings of their cities by the 911 terrorists, conservatives and various right forces staged a giant protest march on DC, some estimating turn out at well over a million people.

While, for a nation, where conservatives have only recently figured out that they are allowed to protest, this is a great accomplishment, what in truth does this mean or change? As it stands, in an uncomfortable word: NOTHING...not just NOTHING but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The socialist president of America, Barack Obama, showed his absolute contempt for these people, by leaving town to make speeches, in the American Midwest, pushing his super control bill: promising to "Call out" his critics and living up to his moniker of "Obeyme". Equally missing were any of the rest of the Marxists from Washington...that is the Marxists from the Democratic wing of the American One Party system. The Marxists from the Republican wing were present, trying to subvert the movement and thus defuse it and doing a very good job of it.

Much of the so called conservative leadership was missing and not to be seen. Who planned this?

The problem, of course, is, as I stated, dear reader, nothing has changed. Sure, a lot of right wing citizens may feel better, lots of anger was pushed out and released and there will be a large cleaning bill, but really, nothing has changed. Americans will get their Cap and Trade and they will get their medical rationing whether they want it or not and it will all be law, absolute law, by the time the next elections come and so entrenched that that will be that.

The problem is, these conservatives still do not understand what it really takes to make change or force change, shy of violence. What it takes is a constant, daily presence of hundreds of thousands sitting in front of the government and screaming every day: "NO!". Look how it is done in other capitals, where tent cities pop up and demonstrations go on for months.

A one day mega march is simply a thunder storm, whose boom is already fading from DC, where the masters of Americans lives, will on Monday, move on to business as usual, laughing at the foolish peoples, over bribe paid champagne.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from the author and originally appears on his website, Mat Rodina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov