Obama is Just a Slave

By Hans Vogel

The cheers of crowds in the US and the ROW (“Rest of the World”) upon hearing the news of the election of the first black US president are still ringing in my ears. How happy, no, how elated all those folks were! Their joy knew no bounds. One would be inclined to believe the new Messiah had arrived—a black one even! It would seem Dr. Martin Luther King's dream had finally come true. Change had finally arrived. The masses, hungering for justice and peace, were confident that a new age had at last begun.

Change...Yes we can! Does Obama have a speech impairment or is he mentally challenged. Does he suffer from amnesia, or is he developing Alzheimer's, like his congenial predecessor, Ronald Reagan? Are Obama's two brain halves connected? There is no way of telling what exactly is the matter, but let us be generous towards the man and suppose he suffers from a rather serious speech impairment. Perhaps he has long been a stammerer. After all, he cannot deliver a speech without using a teleprompter. Again, like Ronald Reagan, but also like his mentally challenged immediate predecessor, Bush II.

Change...Yes we can! Let us just assume, not to be too unkind to Obama (we might get accused of being racists), that he was unable to finish pronouncing the sentence. What he meant to say must have been something like: “Change...Yes we can say the word!” But he apparently never got beyond the first four words.

If Obama actually meant to say what he has been saying during his campaign, i.e. that with the support of those who would vote for him, he would be effecting change, he has been deceiving the people. However, he might also have been stating the obvious: “Change...Yes we can!” just meaning that his voters would be able to vote him into office, thus bringing about a change in the ruling party, from Republican to Democrat. This kind of change is not uncommon in the US, for there is a long history of presidents voted in and out of office by voters. Nothing worth mentioning, really, but perhaps for Obama, it may have been special, who could tell, anyway?

Because, let us be honest, how much change have we been seeing? Change for the worse, certainly, but change for the better, the kind Obama was suggesting he would inititate? None whatsoever. All we have seen is incremental change: more war, more killing, more stealing from the taxpayer, more deceit of “allies” (the politically correct term for “client states”), more home foreclosures, more bank failures, more bankruptcies, more bonuses paid out to incompetent bankers and Wall Street fraudsters.

On the 8th anniversary of the pulling of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, Obama announced the emergency measures that have been transforming the US into a fascist state would be extended for another year.

What kind of change is that? Certainly none compared to the policies of Bush II. Well, come to think of it, perhaps in his own special, anacoluthic way, Obama was being sincere. Perhaps he was trying to make it clear to the voters that he would constantly be reneging on his promises, like some underexposed paleface speaking with two tongues.

But wait a minute, isn't Obama holding the “most powerful office in the world?” If he is indeed so powerful, why then must he be insincere or deceitful, just to avoid stronger qualifications that might raise eyebrows. (After all, congressman Joe Wilson found out one cannot just call the president of the US a liar).

I am afraid the answer to this question is an unpleasant one. Unpleasant for Obama, but also unpleasant for his voters and supporters. For all those who had such high hopes for change. It is easy to say the word but oh so difficult to transform those words into deeds.

Obama is not powerful at all. Sure, his wife may hire the biggest staff a First lady has ever had (26 persons), his mother-in-law may be living with them and taking care of the kids and protecting the family like a true Black Mama, they may be cooking soul food from the harvests of their new vegetable garden on the White House grounds, but there the power ends. Obama is just another guy taking orders. From Wall Street, from the Fed, from the Pentagon, the defense industry, from anyone but those who actually voted for him. Obama is a hired hand, like Bush II, like Clinton, like Bush I, like Jimmy Carter, like Reagan, like Ford, like Nixon, like Johnson. Perhaps it is true that John F. Kennedy, the liquor smuggler's son, was the last president who actually held power and made decisions. That is why he was assassinated.

If Obama is taking orders, as I fear he must be, given his track record, he is really no more than a slave. If only he were white, like Bush II or Clinton. With Obama president, all those poor, uninformed people, all those voters who put their faith in a smooth-talking, smartly dressed Black candidate, all those people have been deceived. Slavery exists in the US. The number one slave lives in the White House.

Hans Vogel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov