The Modern West, A Culture of Death

From the early 1800s, the West, in an affront to God, has moved ever more rapidly into a culture of death and destruction, away from the teachings of Christ. At its present state, the most significant thing that the West is bringing to humanity is a culture of totalitarianism and death, one on such a nuanced level as would only be celebrated by the most brutal of Pagans and Lucifirians and would even be an affront to the most blood thirsty of the Islamic radicals.

The foundation of this was laid by the Augustinian theories of Just War. This created an atmosphere that condoned murder, even if under strict circumstances. Do I say that the Eastern Church has not gone to war? Of course not, or rather the Church has never gone to war but the people have. However, these were never Jihads or their lesser versions: Crusades. Indeed the wars that the Orthodox peoples have fought have always been viewed as a sin, as the shedding of human blood is a grave sin, regardless, but in a fallen world is often necessary to prevent an even greater evil. To that end, an Orthodox soldier who has shed blood is unclean and thus must cleanse himself through prayer and fasting, seeking the forgiveness of God for what was done. Conversely, this may also explain why our wars are so vicious. As the Orthodox soldiers know they are committing a sin, they are repulsed by what they do and seek to end it as fast and as permanently as possible, which in itself becomes a much more bloody affair. Do not confuse this with the actions of the Red Army, in WW2, which was under the control of the Western Marxist import and its subsequent ideology of death.

Contrast this to the West, and Augustine's misplaced concepts of Just War. Often, in the Crusades, the crusaders, as with their Mohammedan enemies, were taught that to die in the process or to even take place would be the forgiveness of sins. This built a foundation that was later used in crusades against fellow Christians, such as the Basque and the Hungarians and later in France. It also set the stage for the Inquisition and Church sanctioned mass murdered, even if those numbers have been inflated over the years. Similarly, when Protestant movements broke out, they, under the influence of the Renaissance, took these extremes even further, as was witnessed by the atrocities of the Ana-Baptists in northern France and western German, Cromwell's Round Heads in England and the Calvinists under the despotic and murderous reign of John Calvin in Switzerland.

Again compare this the Orthodox Church, which not only has never waged a holy war, but has never had an inquisition. For the most part, heretics are never burned or otherwise murdered but are exiled and prayed for. This is a far cry from the Albigensian Crusades where the catch phrase was: "Kill them all, God will know His own", and this in reference to the murder of fellow Christian women and children.

So, it is only natural that when Humanism appeared, with its bent on atheist science, as opposed to science as the handmaiden of religion, explaining the Maker's great creation, the foundation of death was greatly built upon.

The range of who should die was widened. Starting in the 1800s and reaching full strength in the first half of the 1900s was the eugenics movements, out to breed the perfect human being...perfect being under the eye of the particular beholder, of course. Abortion, the sin of sins, the murder of God's most precious gift, became a standard into getting the unwanted races residing in the West, to self terminate their future. America's Planned Parenthood led the way and spread quickly through out Western Europe. A greater evil is hard to imagine, this being even something the most psychotic Jihadist does not stoop to against his own children. Honour killings are a some what different issue, though just as evil.

Many of these Luciferian groups have gone so far as to even create abortion ships which travel to just beyond the waters of conservative, Christ fearing nations that ban abortions, such as Poland or Ireland, and ferry women in to have the Gift of Life butchered from them. All to prove the power of man over life and thus spit in the eye of God.

Remember, that during the various colonizations by the Western Europeans, whole peoples were exterminated, after being branded as savages. Often even when they adopted their cultures to the Wests, such as the Creek or the Iraqua, they still, in the end, faced extermination as little more than savages, sitting on valuable land. Again, compare that to the Russian crown's conquest of Siberia, which was taken in 3 battles, one over a misunderstanding and a second with the Chinese. All of the original peoples who inhabited Siberia and Alaska were still and are still present, at least in Siberia.

Homosexuality, too, was brought in as an affront to God, destroying the traditional family, mutating the moral standings of children and breeding a hedonistic, self destructive life style. Both the Catholic Church and its Protestant offshoots, as well as the societies they serve, have become not only tainted but fully perverted by this and by the weakened Western Christians' desire for inclusiveness.

Even the evils of the Marxists, in Russia, were a Western import. Compared to what those Marxists, such as Lenin and Stalin suffered from the Orthodox Christian Tsar, when they were sent to Siberia, it is an almost comical comparison. Both were exiled to live in a Siberian village, unable to leave but able take guests and write letters.

Following all of this was the next logical step: termination of the physically deformed, the invalids, the mentally ill. The first victims of Hitler, after all, were fellow Germans and not even the anti-Nazi aristocrats; they came second. The practice died off after WW2, only to return in force in the 1990s and fully in the new Devil's Western century. The so called Western democracies, the champions of so called human rights, though never of God's laws, are now screaming at the top of their lungs the "right" to a quality life, whose allegory is: if you are deformed, handicapped or old and infirm, your quality of life is low and thus you are better off dead. This vile, paganistic, Luciferian approach, again, even worse than anything that the Mohamedans thought up for their own people, is an affront to God of incredible degrees.

Further more, the drive to have the elderly person commit suicide, or as the agents of Lucifer prefer to call it: to self terminate with dignity, is to have the subject damn their soul for all eternity. Suicide is self murder and that is one murder that can not be sought forgiveness for. In Russian, our word for suicide is: Самоубийство or quite literally: self-murder. We do not have the right to terminate the gift of life that God gave us. Just because we live in pain does not mean that we do not live to fulfill some aspect of God's plan. The pain is a test of our faith in God, something to work through and to continue to seek to serve God. As such, suicide, self-murder, is an escape of our responsibilities before God. What ever good could still be done, is now terminated.

Many of these concepts are alien to our cultures, many others were imported with the Marxist revolution and we are still suffering their ill effects. On abortion, Russia, which still allows it, has curtailed it to the first 12 weeks and there is much pressure to end this murder fully. Euthanasia is illegal in Russia. Eugenics is also something that never took root and with the Orthodox Church the leading moral authority of the land, once more, it never will.

Now let us pray that the Orthodox Church will be powerful enough to restore Christianity to Europe and N. America, in the wake of the catastrophic failures of both Catholicism and Protestantism.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from the author and originally appears on his blog, Mat Rodina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov