The Social Conservatism of Soviet Marxism

With the daily sinking of the Anglo-West into the morass of Marxism, it is now common to find on various websites, the few remaining conservatives (and many who supported Bush's socialism but oppose Obama's Marxism)decry that the absolute rot of values and culture in America, Canada, England and to a smaller degree, all of Western Europe, is just like the things were in the Soviet Union. It is thus equally interesting to see that 18 years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of the achieves, the westerners know even less about the Soviet Union than they did 18 years ago.

Outside of Market Economics and Religion (even that is questionable both in that the Soviet Union was far from Athiest and the Anglo-Sphere is far from Christian), and a brief do what you please period during the middle 1920s, the Soviet Union had a lot in common with the the social conservatives in the modern West.

Ok, I will now let you take a moment to get off the floor, drink water, pound your fists, grind your teeth, before we go on.

On the topic of marraige, population control and families. The Soviets were very much so family oriented. They spent large sums of money ideolizing the childhood and promoting large families. Stalin, though a murderous bastard indeed, even banned abortions. Abortion was legalized later and used as birth control, but only because the defunct Soviet economy could not produce things such as condoms. Regardless, abortions were never promoted or pushed. Indeed, the award of the Hero Mother was given to women with many children and they were lionized as the saviors of Soviet society. This is of course not to say that women did not work, they did and a lot worked in the heaviest industry, but none the less, the mother was always placed high.

Family was put on a pedestal and children taught to honor their parents. Abandonment of the old in nursing homes was almost unheard of.

To add to this, infrastructure for children was everywhere. Outside of every apartment building were play grounds for children. Parks were built everywhere. Children's theaters, clubs, sports associations were the norm. Much of this fell apart, unfortunately, during the Yeltsin era of Wall Street backed kelptocracy.

Education was also a very high standard. Sure there was the mandetory indoctronation. But in comparison to what American children suffer, it was rather minor. Most attention was given to reading, writing, mathematics, physics and so on. Even today, with a much lower standard than that of the Soviets, modern Russian education in math alone is 2-3 years ahead of American public schools and literacy is on a much higher rate than the US average of 6 grade. History, geography, literature, sciences, what was considered in the West as classical education, is the norm still in Russia.

Perversion was also not tolerated in the Soviet Union. Be it lethargy, sloth or lust, all were decreed as subhuman and to be fought against by the enlightened man. Hard work was always heralded as a great virtue. Of course when hard work was not rewarded monetary, the call to work hard fell on deaf ears. Exercise and physical fitness was also important, again, something that fell victim in the Yeltsin era is only starting to come back.

As mentioned earlier, family was of great importance, so perversions, like homosexuality was not tolerated and treated as a mental illness to be treated by psychologists not entertained by society or put upon a pedestal. Even Playboy was forbidden as derogatory to women. Childrens cartoons were rarely any bit violent and violence in movies was kept to a minimal where possible.

Of course, without sanctioning religion, Orthodox Christianity to be specific, the Soviets under cut their own goals and desires, just as well as denying the human nature to succeed in work and be rewarded for it, they undercut the ability to move forward economically.

So, the Marxist extremes in the West, those beyond socialistic economic controls and anti religious policies, are not equivalent in Soviet Marxism. The use of abortions for population controls, the Green movements, the State taking the children for "proper" education of the lowest denominator, homosexuality and all other perversions of human nature and the many new and less than wondrous additions that spring up every night and day in the West, such as euthanasia, are not and never did have an equivalent in Soviet Marxism but are a creation all onto the West itself.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from the author and originally appears on his website, Mat Rodina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov