Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russian Wives of Stupid Americans

Russian women, warm and loving wives. They are attractive, well educated, dress divinely, and make the worlds best mothers, or do good theater.

I have been married for 10 years. They have one major failing. They have a mother.

My mother-in-law from hell, was leader of the family from hell.

My wife, daughter and I, lived on the south coast of Turkey, for 4 years. We were happy. Seldom did we argue, except in dealing with her family. My wife had a 3 years daughter from a previous marriage. She is the apple of my eye. She has my name, I am proud of it. Friends from the UK call her the Russian girl with an American accent. Her English is perfect. When mother and daughter were in the park at age 5 an English couple watched. My daughter's perfect English and my wife’s English, heavy Russian accent. Eventually the couple came up and said they would like to hire my wife as a nanny for their child. My wife would have her own room. They were shocked when she told the little girl by her side was her daughter.

On phone calls from mother at late hours in the evening, the phrase “but MOMMA” was uttered, a lot. Normal, when talking to an alcoholic which is psychotic. After a few evenings of this the phone was always unplugged. The first year my wife said she would like to visit her family. I agreed. After an extended visit she finally returned.

The following year, same story. I told her if the visit is extended she might as well stay. After her return the story of her visits to her loving mother came. Each night was drunken rage, beating, abuse of which my wife had put up with a child. My wife would work for mother dearest in the 50 room pension on the Black Sea near Sochi. Like a dog. The subsequent year she asked again, the answer was no!

A couple of years later the company which I helped grow, due to poor management, and fraud. We went to Russia, until I could get my retirement benefits started. Finally after 6 months I beat the company and received my lump sum retirement and token monthly payments. I went to the states on legal mission to collect more funds from a legal settlement.

While I was gone cons, lies and normal Russian fraud began. My wife with 15,000 in the bank the mother had paid me in return, I would pay the other daughter in Turkey. This would save the mother transfer funds. Ok, I’m easy. A month after I returned my loving wife said she had given the $15,000 in the bank to her mother. I wasn’t happy, but ok. After that my bank accounts did not figure up right.

I was conned into helping the parents building another hotel by giving them money. In return we would receive 50% of the profit from the first hotel. Which was an ok deal. In

Russia you don’t make deals, most lack any sort of honor. I dropped another 150,000. One night the drunken mother comes over and tries to kill me. Foreigners don’t have rights in Russia.

I figured out what really happened in the week of free money. I didn’t loose $15,000 in that week I lost 30,000. With the best education from the best State business University in Russia my wife holds a RED economic degree, that’s like a cum laude. It took me an hour to explain to my economic genius what had happened.

The stories started. My wife told me her sister introduced us so the family could clean me out. Years before my cousin told me be careful of Russian women. They will give all the money to the mother. I laughed, I trusted my wife.

I learned a lot from this experience which added to others of Russian business prowess and honor. A good friend and retired KGB general told me, DON’T BRING ANY MONEY TO RUSSIA. Again I didn’t listen.

My advise when you meet that woman of your dreams who is absolutely perfect. Ask just one question. Is your mother alive? If the answer is yes, don’t walk - RUN.

Bill Williams