Russian history repeats itself

By Bill Williams

Russia’s potential is incredible, its history awesome, as is its future, if people work together with direction, acting for the good of the country. Prior to the engineered Oil and Financial Crisis, created by nameless countries, Russia was intelligently on the right track. It appeared then and especially now not many are interested in putting aside personal motives of greed, at various levels. This could also be termed “discontentment” feelings from the Tsarist times bred into people. This appears to be a national attitude.

Uniting attitudes and goals into a national effort will enable Russia to progress to a justly deserved leadership roll in the world. This is crucial, in the very near future. There is a strong and somewhat progressive leadership in Russia, which should be aware and has understandings which can initiate these ideals for an independent Russia, where its people respect the county.

Russia has been a simple country wanting to be left alone. Throughout history Russian people existed with little outside influence for centuries. A short problem with Napoleon and back to business as usual. Later serious changes were prearranged by others into moving Russia into the 20th Century for good or bad.

In the 1700’s Russia imported foreign specialists to build ships. 300 years later the issue comes up again, to export ship building projects to other countries. Since Russia can not build quality ships and other systems for its military.

Nicholas II ruled industrialization and innovation in Russia. Among his other problems, the Russian Japanese War. An attempt was made to distract the populace, rallying patriotism and acquiring warm water ports. Russia attempted to wrestle Korea and Manchuria away from Japan.

The Battle of Tsushima 1905, 21 ships, all the battle ships and most of the destroyers of the Russian Navy were lost by sinking or capture. The epic voyage of 30,000 km to enter the battle started badly and continued. Many of new ships quickly and incompletely left the ship yards unprepared for what was ahead. Due to the distance and having no where to replenish all ships were loaded to maximum. There were groundings in local waters. Some of the lower decks were awash. Much of the armor sides were under the waterline. When there was a cannon hit, there was no protection. The ships fought valiantly.

Innovation. of the 1700’s, British Admiral Nelson’s crossing the “T” tactic was adopted by the Japanese in 1905. The Czar was heard asking why this Nelson sunk his ships. Russia was fighting the Japanese. The Japanese were heard saying Russian gunnery was disgusting.

Russia did make one innovative idea for ship design. A round ship, developed in the

time of Nicholas. This design was used for as battle ship, gun platform and one as “Presidential Yacht” shown below.

World War I Came, Russia was not prepared militarily or industrially.

World War II Came, The Great War, Russia was not prepared, missing technology which had been evolving prior to both wars. People and leadership of the country could exist without anyone.

2009, New Technology has been missed. The state of the military is in question. Quality is still a word misunderstood and ignored, due to greed. Military projects are beginning to be built in other countries.

The world has problems which mirror the late 1930’s. There is a major engineered Financial Crisis is in progress. The price of oil has caused a decrease in revenue for Russia. Currently there are two wars, both designed to appropriate and control either oil or land. Iraq and Palestine/Lebanon, genocide and pilfering of the Palestinian huge natural gas reserves. A war in Afghanistan, started as an excuse looking for the ring leader of 911, now killing thousands and spreading to Pakistan. Coup d’etat attempts in many countries around the world, including Iran. A war with Iran has been simmering for years. Clouds of war are collecting?

In Russia people are not interested. There are plenty of potatoes in the garden. The conspiracy involving Iran will move to the next stage, war.

Practiced conspirators having developed the latest technology with a vast amount of testing and practice perfecting their craft are ready and patiently waiting. They include countries and some exiled Russians which have already, been working on the next target Russia. When will the riots start? As in Iran’s attempted coup a new flag has been exposed pointing a finger to the perpetrators. What is the next flag of Russia look like?

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Author`s name Alex Naumov