There are lots of principles to live a successful life in this world. One of them is honesty. An honest man is always regarded as a successful person. As this honorable quality guides him to the right path and saves him from worries and troubles of this world and hereafter as well.

I think that by choosing honesty a person selects a safe path. As if we look at the experiences of daily life, we came to know that honesty always rewards the honest man. An honest man is always honored and respected in the society. People like him and always try to be in contact with him. As an honest man is like a lighthouse who guides in the darkness and loneliness. People share their problems and worries with him. As they think that he is a right man to solve their problems moreover he is in the position to suggest right and perfect solutions for their worries and troubles.

I think that honesty is the best policy to live in this world as well as in hereafter. An honest man will also be rewarded and honored in hereafter. God shall award him paradise and will palace him under the shadow of his Throne on Judgment Day. On that Day there will be no shadow of anything, tree or building. As all the buildings, constructions, mountains etc would be perished and destroyed. People will be in great trouble and panic. The sun will be at the heads of people. There will be no shadow except the shadow of Throne. Honest and pious men and women, male gins and female gins will be under the shadow of Throne. All of them will be in peace and rest. They will be cool and calm. Rest of the creation will be worried and confused on Judgment Day except the pious and honest people.

Now we look in our world that what happens when a man loses this noble quality and adopts dishonesty. I personally think that the basis of the world is on good. As evil is always being perished and demolished in this world. This is a natural phenomena or law of nature. As God always demolishes evil and prevails good in the world.

Now the question arises that some times we see that people who are not good for the welfare of humanity are working without any fear. No one asks them to stop evil practices and live in peace and harmony. Also that such people become more powerful day by day. This is true in short run, but in the long run such people are always be punished. Such people live in fear, terror and grief. There inner soul always taunts and condemns them for their evil works and doings. They always feel restless and uneasy for their wrongdoings. By the time their inner soul, public law and the law of nature makes them to bow down to the Supreme and give up the evil practices and procedures.

Life is like a mirror. It is in our hands to make it clean and crystal clear. Or we can make it muddy and unclear.

We should follow the golden principles of life that teaches us to live a happy and pleasant life.

On the other hand, if we do not follow the natural laws and values this would make our life hard and miserable. It will become impossible and difficult for us to live a happy and pleasant life.

Honesty can also be defined as a faith. It is said that if you have a faith then you will be honest. As this is our faith that makes us to be honest in our life. If you are a faithful man, then it will be in your conscious that God is watching you all the time. You will have the faith that God is with you in every place and time. Surely this faith will make you an honest man. Whenever you think about dishonesty this faith will remind you that God is watching you He is everywhere and everyplace. As a result you will give up the evil dream and desire. So a faithful person can never be dishonest.

Now we look at the effects of honesty on our individual and collective lives.

First we talk about individual life. An honest man's individual life is always happy and delightful. His parents, wife, children and other members of family always love and respect him. They appreciate his qualities and honest nature. An honest man thinks about the betterment, wellbeing and welfare of his family as well as the entire humanity. He not only thinks for his family and friends but also for the entire society i.e. up to the local level, national level and to the international level. He also tries to improve the living standard, economic, health, educational condition of his family. He chooses better school for his children. When any member of his family gets ill he consults the doctor and tries his best to make them well. So all these steps make his individual life happy and peaceful.

Now we consider the collective life. He tries to be beneficial to the society. He participates in welfare activities like charity, working voluntarily, or any other social activity. All these activities make his life easier and delightful.

Honesty in time means that we should be regular and punctual. We should make best use of our time. We should not waste our time in useless activities. We should go to the office in time and should come back home in time.

Honesty in financial matters means that we must control our expenditures. There should be balance in our income and expenditures. We should reject unfair means to earn money. We must take care of others money especially the public money as we take care of our own. This is our social, religious and moral duty to earn money and spend it in an honest way. Of course spending money on right and useful things that we really need is also important. If you spend money without any purpose and need, this would mean that you are not sincere with yourself. So we should spend our money honestly and gently, that is where we really need it. Moreover, we should have savings for our family and any other financial urgency that can occur any time. Savings make our life safer and prosperous.

Honesty in work means that we should perform our duties honestly. We should make best use of our abilities to work. A man who is honest with his work and nation must make his mind to work for the nation and for the international community as well. As we all are progeny of Adam and Eve. All the people living in this world are equal. We should work together to build and renovate this beautiful world.

On the whole, we can say that honesty is the best way of life. I think honesty is the best and bright path of life. We must follow this bright way to succeed not only in this world but also in hereafter.

Rajab Ali Baig

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov