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Obama’s Hope For The World

By Mark S. McGrew

Barack Obama, AKA Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Sutoro, Barack Soetoro is a liar, a con man and a fraud.

Please don’t take my word for it.

But, at least you won’t hear any lies from Obama’s Kenyan family, because the Kenyan government put out a Gag Order to keep them from talking to media people.

Barack Obama is a con man because he is making promises that he can’t keep. He has already proven he conned the voters by his chosen cabinet and staff. The World is beginning to realize that he has not changed anything. But the World is going to find out that his chosen associates to help him, as he says in his own words “Rule” over America, are by far the very worst that America has to offer. They will make the Bush and Clinton administrations look like Boy Scouts.

When people start asking questions, con men make themselves scarce. Questions are being asked about Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s relationship with Governor Blagojevich. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Obama is spending two weeks in a $9 million dollar house in Hawaii and Rahm Emanuel took off on a two week vacation to Africa.

America ’s major media has protected him, lied for him, slandered and libeled his Presidential opponents and viciously attacked and labeled anyone who questions his value as “Conspiracy Nuts” or “Racists”.

That is about to change. America’s major media has as a sole function, not to report the news, but to shape public opinion. During his campaign, they shaped Obama into a patient and compassionate gift from Heaven. Now, slowly, they are asking questions about him. Soon, they will shape his image into a hideous beast beyond comprehension. The evidence is available to prove that his ideals, his policies and his stated goals are to transform America into something the Nazis could only dream about: Youth Corps, Forced labor, socialism for the rich, paid for by the poor, military in America’s streets, all leading to complete absolute domination over the American people.

America ’s people will not and are not accepting Obama. The American media is just now realizing that American’s are nowhere near as ignorant and complacent as they thought. And they are learning that World leaders are beginning to question Obama’s desires for the World.

The major media in America will now begin to show why it would be best not to have Obama and his crew in power and Americans will be begging for it to be anything other than what Obama is offering.

It is impossible for Barry Obama to assume the position of President of the United States. It is against the Rights of man, throughout the World, throughout history.

Yes, there have been usurpers, pretenders, imposters, liars, cheats and bunko artists taking over Nations. But they don’t last very long and generally many of their policies are reversed by the next generation of leaders.

If Obama were to take the Oath of Office and become President of the United States of America, and later found to be ineligible under the US Constitution to be President, Americans will suffer in many ways. But equally so, or more so, the entire civilization of the World will suffer.

If Obama is not qualified, nothing he signs will be legitimate. Agencies of Federal, State and Local governments can ignore him. Any Nation on Earth can rescind any agreements he makes with them. And vice versa, future administrations of America can renege on any agreement made that suits their whims.

The United States House of Representatives and the Senate have a duty and took an Oath to defend and protect the US Constitution. If they have not done that, then they also are an illegitimate government and have absolutely no authority to act on behalf of the American People. Any agreements or laws they pass will be illegal. Ambassadors, Secretary of State, Embassy officials all over the World will be rendered sterile.

No Nation, no leader, no military, no corporation and no other entity on Earth will be able to rely on the continuity of America’s trustworthiness. And again, vice versa, any entity will have no obligation to abide by their commitments to America.

The American Constitution is the root of a tree, grown in the soil of Biblical principles, expressed as God’s words in the Ten Commandments. These Ten Commandments are similar to the instructions given to mankind thousands of years ago by all of the World’s religions.

All laws are a branch of the Constitution. The US Constitution does not “give” Rights to Americans. It delegates to the elected officials, to protect and preserve those Rights, which were given to all mankind, of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. No governing body in America can legally take away those Rights. If a government does take away those Rights and replace them with “Privileges” then life is worth only what the government says it is. At their Will, they can determine if you shall be granted the privilege to continue living if they don’t like what you speak or print or what God you choose to worship. In a society like that, in these modern times, not one Nation on Earth is safe from attack and not one human being can be comfortable knowing he will be alive to see the next day.

That is one small reason why the Constitution of The United States of America can not be altered to accommodate a man who is not eligible to be President under the terms of the Constitution. If we relinquish one Right, the traitors in government will take the rest of them.

The Constitution has no mention of a protected Right for the “Will of the People” to override any part of the Constitution. Anyone who preaches that the Will of the People comes first is a lying traitor and should be shot.

American politicians and major media people are fond of saying, “We are a Nation of laws”. They are idiots. And they are traitors, not only to the American people but to any peoples of the World who desire trust and peace in their dealings with others.

Any politician’s efforts to allow a person to take the Office of the President, who can not prove he is eligible is the highest violation of their Oath to defend and protect the Constitution. Anyone who violates the US Constitution has no authority to represent it.

Nothing they say, nothing they do, no words, no actions, no thoughts, dreams or desires will have any more legitimate importance to the World than a mosquito dying in a swamp.

The only thing that backs up the American dollar is Trust. There is no gold, silver, petroleum, or anything tangible that gives the American dollar a value.

Only “The Full Faith and Trust” of the United States government provides a value to the American dollar. If that trust is destroyed, the American financial system and the American economy will collapse and inevitably morph into something else.

The current multi-trillion dollar bailouts do exhibit that the governing powers in America do not want the Full Faith and Trust of America to be lost. The American government is doing everything in their power to ensure that the World knows that they are worthy of that Faith and Trust.

To allow a usurper to take control over America would destroy what the government is doing to maintain their integrity. I do not believe that they will allow that to happen.

But adhering to the major media’s modus operandi, they will tell us slowly, plant seeds of doubt about Obama, question thoughtfully on the air, pretend to be just realizing the mistake they made, gently debating with each other and gradually lead us to the point of acceptance. They will expertly “Shape” our opinion so that we will all accept that Obama is not qualified and will not be granted the Presidency.

If I am wrong, it won’t be the first time. If I am wrong, I am right that the World’s populations will suffer.

Dr. Orly Taitz’s Esq., representing military and former military plaintiffs, filed a lawsuit against the California Secretary of State asking her to NOT certify the Electoral College votes for Obama. One of the reasons for the request is that one of the 55 Democratic Electors of the Electoral College representing Congressman Berman and submitted to the Secretary of State, Mrs. Ilene Huber was……deceased and has been for eight years. This is on page 16 and 17 of her lawsuit.

Any military or former military personnel are welcome to join her lawsuit by signing this Military Consent Form.

ACORN is notorious for phony voter registration, but for the Democratic Party to list an 8 year old corpse as someone who is eligible to vote for the President of The United States would indicate deceitfulness beyond comprehension. By using a long dead, worm eaten body to get a vote, they prove that they have absolutely no respect for anything.

Barack Obama, by not responding to a lawsuit by Former Deputy State Attorney General for Pennsylvania, Phillip Berg, legally and effectively admitted fraud by not responding to that lawsuit.

If Obama can not prove he is eligible to become President of the United States of America, he will further have committed fraud against an unknown number of campaign contributors in the amount of more or less than 1 Billion dollars. Obama raised close to $1,000,000,000 for a job that pays maybe $400,000. Obama would have to work for 2,500 years to pay that money back if he used his entire salary to make the payments. Or, for 5,000 years if he wanted to eat now and then. If he is not eligible, he may and should be put in jail for the rest of his life and every penny to his name should be confiscated. Every person who aided and promoted his fraud also belongs in jail.

The group of unelected people, known as The Electoral College, has sole right to choose the President and Vice President. If Obama is determined to be ineligible, the Electoral College has the Constitutional Right to elect any Natural Born Citizen they please. They can elect Paris Hilton and Tina Turner if they want to.

Every American should learn their lesson and never listen to another major media outlet again. Over 30 large newspapers in America are for sale and no takers. Some have cut back on deliveries and some will close. Some of these newspapers have been in business for over 100 years. In less than 10 years of Political Correct “newspeak”, the editors have managed to destroy their companies. The New York Times recently announced that they are seeking a loan against their HQ building which they own 50% of. They need to borrow $250 million. And all they need to do to pay it back is to sell 500 million newspapers. The Major Media writers and smiling faces on TV get paid a lot of money to lie to us, but that should not exclude them from ridicule and contempt from their family and neighbors. It should also not exclude them from fraud charges. What kids would want to play with their kids?

The current President of the United States of America has the opportunity to leave his legacy as the President who preserved the United States of America and its Constitution. All he has to do is to walk out onto the steps of the White House and announce, “If the United States House and Senate, if the US Supreme Court, Federal and State Courts from coast to coast will not respect their sworn duty to uphold and protect our Constitution, I will. By a Presidential Executive Order, signed by me today, Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is, is formally and legally prohibited from becoming the President of The United States. Effective immediately”. That would end all controversy and destroy all threats to the US Constitution.

Author’s note: People ask me why I publish articles in Russia’s Pravda Online. Many Americans do not realize just how controlled the American media is. Many more do not realize that Russia does have a Free Press that is far freer than the American Press. The answer to the question is a question: How often have you ever seen the truth published in America? What I write does not in any way reflect the opinion of the Russian government or the Russian people. Nor does it reflect the opinion of the editors and employees of Pravda Online. The Russian Constitution allows them the freedom to offer writers a place to express their own views. Anyone who does understand the dangers of an Obama Presidency should be thankful that there is a place where information can be shared, regardless of what Country that may be.

Barack Obama has said to “Get in your neighbor’s face and argue”. That can not be done in America’s major media. They only allow one view, which is whatever theirs is for the day. I would love to be sitting in a back alley some dark night and watch Barry Obama get in Vladimir Putin’s face and argue.

Alan Peters, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) has helped in acquiring and distributing this information.

Mark S. McGrew

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