Obama The Chicken

By Mark S. McGrew

President John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Rather, ask what you can do for your country.”

Barrack Obama says, “I think we should share the wealth” and thinks the Supreme Court should take an active position to redistribute wealth. He wants the government to take from you and give to unproductive people by taxing large corporations and wealthy people, forcing millions of customers to pay those taxes in the form of higher prices for the products sold.

The Christian Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Barrack Obama says, “Get in your neighbor’s face and argue”.

The United States Constitution says the people have a right to bear arms. Thirty seven individual States have a “Right to Carry” a gun law in effect.

Senator Obama's record on the Second Amendment is as follows: he has supported a complete ban on handguns, he voted to ban most rifle ammunition, he opposes the right to carry for self-defense, he voted to allow prosecution of citizens for using firearms for self-defense in their own homes.

Crime statistics show that over 2 million crimes, each year, are stopped by citizens with guns. Statistics prove that when a community institutes a gun ban, crime jumps. When a community says everyone can have a gun, crime drops in that town and goes up in nearby towns with a gun ban.

The US Constitution starts out by saying the People have a right to Life.

Obama says, “Let ‘live abortion’ babies die”.

Americans, like most people of this World, do not like secrets. When someone has a secret, that they don’t want you to know, it is rarely in your interest. Obama, with the help of our major media, fights desperately to keep many things about Obama’s life a secret. Obama doesn’t want to discuss his long term relations with William Ayers, who organized bombings of government buildings in America. William Ayers is a two bit light weight compared to some of Obama’s other conspirators.

Obama’s religious faith is questionable. Is he Christian or Muslim? To most Americans, it doesn’t matter, as we have a right to worship as we please. But does a man who attends a “Christian” church for 20 years, where his minister screams, “God D** America!!” really believe in the Christian principle of “Love Thy Neighbor”? Obama said he was not aware of Reverend Wright’s attitude towards America. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not lie”, but obviously Obama does lie.

In “The Prince” which has been the “Bible” of all Kings and successful rulers, Nicollo Machiavelli says it is important for a leader to appear to have the five virtues: honesty, mercifulness, humanity, religious piousness, and be upright in all his doings. Obama fails in all five necessities.

In response to a lawsuit filed by Phillip Berg, Obama has refused to produce a valid Birth Certificate to The United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Speculation has been that Obama is not a citizen of the United States and now that speculation is that it may be so sinister, that he is an illegal alien.

In that lawsuit, Phillip Berg identifies that Barrack Obama has used the names:



Who exactly is Barrack Obama and where did he come from?

In Executive Intelligence Review , Anton Chaitkin and Jeffrey Steinberg have said about international curiosity George Soros, “Soros had been bragging for years about his longstanding scheme to stage a "hostile takeover" of the Democratic Party. Through billions of dollars in donations to a select group of Democratic Party-linked organizations, such as MoveOn and ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), and through his longstanding links to Service Employees International Union (SEIU) corporatist president, Andy Stern, Soros has established his financial and political control over the very grassroots apparatus that is supposed to give Obama the margin of victory on Nov. 4.”

They go on to say, “From public accounts, Soros met Obama for the first time in March 2004, when Obama was an Illinois state senator, running for a vacant U.S. Senate seat. On July 27, 2004, Soros held a fundraiser at his New York home for Obama, which raised at least $60,000, mostly from Soros's family members, according to news accounts. On Dec. 4, 2006, then U.S. Sen. Barrack Obama traveled to New York City, to privately confer with Soros about a possible Presidential run in 2008.”

“May 18, 2007, Soros was again host to an Obama fundraiser, this time at the Greenwich, Conn. home of fellow hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Investment Corp.”

“According to the Greenwich Times, the 300 guests each kicked in $2,300 to the Obama campaign.”

True to major media methods, this story is known by few people. A very few people in America even know the name George Soros, let a alone what he does. I do not judge him. The world is a very complicated place. I do believe however, that people should not be kept in the dark about events that affect their daily lives.

As William Holden said to Billy Holliday, in a 1950 movie, “Born Yesterday” when she asked why he thought that all people should be educated, “Because, a world full of ignorant people is a very dangerous place.” This was the way Americans and our government thought 68 years ago. We believed it with every fiber of our being, until things changed when John Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight. After that, our entire system, starting with school education started going down hill. So much so that most College graduates have no idea what our Constitution says, what purpose it serves or what it takes to preserve that blueprint of a prosperous, peaceful society.

I predicted in President William Jefferson Clinton’s first term, that he would be the last President we ever elect. Since then, I have been correct. George W. Bush, Jr. was “appointed” to both of his terms.

On October 20, 2008, Sorcha Faal, wrote in “What Does It Mean”, the World’s largest English language news service (according to them) stated: “A stunning report circulating in the Kremlin today states the Director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, General Michael Hayden, has told both the Syrian President and Lebanon’s Hezbollah Leadership that the next American president would the ‘last one’ during secret meetings he held in Beirut this past week.”

On October 20, 2008 Middle Eastern news service, Aljazeera reported a meeting in Hawaii of top military brass from China and the US. Denny Roy, of Hawaii's US government-funded East-West Centre, said "both countries are positioning each other for the possibility of some kind of military conflict in the future".

The next day, on October 21, 2008, The Press Republican reported that Military leaders from five countries met in Lake Placid, New York. Apparently these are very busy people doing very busy work.

On October 22, 2008, in What Does It Mean Sorcha Faal, wrote, “Top US Generals Flee To EU And Russia In Last Attempt To Stop World War”. She explains that a non-fascist group of American military are asking the EU and Russia for help in averting a planned destruction, with nuclear weapons, of America this year. Most of the world knows that our leaders are crazy.

Now, the World should know that we know it too, and there are some of us trying to stop the maniacs from their course of implementing a New World Order, based on destruction and misery, to put themselves in absolute and total domination of the entire Earth.

What these crazy ones don’t realize is that all attempts in the past to accomplish this have failed. They actually think they can do it this time. That is what makes them so dangerous.

On October 25, Sorcha Faal wrote about “Iranian Leader In Secret Meet With Obama At US Military Stronghold In Hawaii” She explains that “Top US Generals have ‘summoned’ the presumed future American President Barrack Obama to an ‘urgent’ meeting at the their strongest Military stronghold located in the Hawaiian Islands, and which is home to more military personal and hardware than any other US State.” This is five days after the Chinese military had arrived.

Sorcha Faal, says, “Russian Military Intelligence reports to Prime Minister Putin today are stating that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has joined US Senator Barrack Obama in Hawaii at an emergency conference ordered by America's Top Generals in their effort to avert World War III and the collapse of the United States by the fascist forces within its own government it is currently battling.”

“The American anti-fascist forces now headed by Senator Obama also appear to have had their main first condition met that President Ahmadinejad will step aside and not run for another term of office, which he appears to have agreed to”.

I don’t agree with the report that Obama is “anti-fascist”. I would be more willing to believe that he is more easily controlled by the military than John McCain would be. On all of Obama’s “issues” he changes direction like a mosquito in a hurricane. He has made his hate of white and brown people publicized in his books and his speeches have shown his distain for people who work for a living.

While these reports may or not be true, it is not a coincidence that both Barrack Obama and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used the reason of “illness” to disappear from the world political map, for the same few days.

Thanks to the major media, the one thing we do know about world affairs is that we don’t know anything.

Whether WWIII is about to take place or not, whether the American psychos are going to nuke us, whether Barrack Obama is a good man or bad, whether Obama wins or McCain wins, the only thing that will truly restore the United States Constitution and enforce our laws, is for an overwhelming force to come to the United States, root out the traitors and give us our country back. It is too far gone for us as a People to reclaim it.

Barrack Obama is not a mystery. We do know that under the guise of “Change” he wants to totally rearrange American’s way of life. He defies our Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, he defies the will of the People and he defies God’s will.

One of his “booboos” was telling reporters that he has campaigned in 57 States. America only has 50 States. But, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference does have 57 States. Either he has Islam on his mind or he doesn’t know that America only has 50 States. Would a Harvard trained lawyer not know how many States we have in America?

At the University of Delaware in 1970, a chicken was elected as Homecoming Queen, because her managers never let anyone see her or know her past or her associates, while they promised everything the voters wanted. The only major difference between that Chicken and Obama is the chicken’s name was Cynthia.

Most Americans are good people wishing no harm to others. Most go to church on a regular basis. Like all people, we want food, clothing, a roof, friends and family. Most don’t covet riches. We just want to spend our lives doing what makes us happy, as long as we can provide for our families.

Our greatest error was in trusting our politicians, on the Federal level and locally. Our politicians are robbing us blind and persecuting us if we complain. They seem to think that holding public office is a license to steal, even from their friends and neighbors. As they rise in office, they become like third world dictators. As they get to the national level, they get drunk with power. They become dictators, passing law after law against their voters, as they spend our money partying and laughing all the way to their offshore accounts. They are genuinely envious of real third worlds dictators. Both George Bush Jr. and Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger have said they would like to be dictators. In the bathroom and in the board room and in the news room, scum sticks together.

One of the things Dictators do when they attempt their takeover of a nation is they cut communications. The first thing to cut is television and radio news programs. It is imperative that the populace not know what or who or where their enemy is or to be able to organize against that enemy.

America has been in a major news blackout for several weeks. All we see or hear on television or radio is “Election 2008”. Day and night, all we here is that Obama and McCain are neck and neck. We have no idea what is going on in our government, our economy or the rest of the World. The World is a very busy place right now, but the American public doesn’t even know it exists. Ignorance is not bliss.

America was once and can still be a friend and a benefactor to all people on this Earth. Or, we can be the greatest machine of destruction ever conceived by mortal man. We have the power to obliterate entire nations with fire power. We have the ability to destroy the majority of the world’s crops. We have the knowledge and the technology to bring deadly diseases to large populations, and we can discriminate as to which populations. We have the political ability and the will to corrupt almost every nation on Earth to the detriment of its citizens. We can manipulate the international drug trade or we can destroy it. We can deny education or we can empower it. We can and will assassinate any leader on Earth who disagrees with our conquest for a New World Order.

But there is always one simple fault that all global megalomaniacs and community bullies have. They never understand that there is always someone out there that is faster, better and more ruthless than they are.

Let us believe that the one who is faster has goodness in his heart for all people on Earth.

History has proven that to be true. If, not, civilization would never have progressed this far. Look around us………….most people live a better life than their parents did and far better than their great-great grand parents did. Civilization progresses, not because of politicians, but in spite of politicians.

We can win this one. These new guys on The New World Order block, the sons and grandsons of the 1930s traitors, don’t have the brains or the guts to pull it off. All they will do, if not stopped, is cause massive destruction. But we need help on this one. And we need to work together, regardless of nationality. We should know soon what all these cross-nationality military meetings are about. Hopefully, they will destroy these international gangsters who hide behind religion and call themselves politicians.

Mark McGrew

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew