Author`s name Lisa Karpova

EU “EULEKS” Poised for Nazi Style Blitzkrieg on Kosovo

Unwanted, unwelcome, illegal, illegitimate, the EU mission is poised to make a Nazi style blitzkrieg into Kosovo to broker the Sudetenland Germans, I mean Albanian mafia criminal terrorists, for an unprecedented, unparalleled post World War 2 land grab, tearing away for the first time the land of a sovereign European state in violation of all norms, all agreements, the UN Charter and UN Resolution 1244...the first time for such an occurrence since the UN was founded to prevent such a thing from happening again after the horror and devastation of bloody warfare throughout Europe.

The Treaty of Rome establishing a European Economic Community was signed 1957. In the 1950s, the leaders of six European countries (France, Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) agreed to integrate their economic policies and raw material production through several treaties. The Preamble of the Treaty of Rome outlines the objectives to improve the living conditions of individuals, to promote education and to strengthen peace and liberty.

The Maastricht Treaty on European Union led to the creation of the European Union. The Maastricht Treaty created new levels of inter-governmental cooperation with the European Union by establishing the “Three Pillars” of the EU. Pillar One incorporates the founding treaty mentioned above, addressing the single European market and a variety of social policies. Pillar Two addresses the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. Pillar Three addresses cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs. The Maastricht Treaty affirmatively states that Member States confirm "their attachment to the principles of liberty, democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and of the rule of law" as well as their "attachment to fundamental social rights."

Article 6 (2) as amended by the Amsterdam Treaty reads “The Union shall respect fundamental rights, as guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms…

Although the EU was ostensibly established with the expressed aim to protect peace, stability and respect for established frontiers…it is doing the exact opposite. It is promoting war, utter and total lawlessness, violence, inequality, injustice and the tearing asunder of a European state in order to promote mafia criminal narco terrorists and people traffickers who have and will continue to use the province as a base from which to launch violence, terror, prostitution and more and more bloody conflicts. Largely due to its part in the Balkans, the living conditions of all ethnic groupings have deteriorated and peace and liberty have been denied to hundreds of thousands of people, especially Serbians and other Kosovo minorities such as Jews, Roma, Turks and other groups.

In Kosovo, unemployment is rampant and massive. Without cash flows coming from the empire, the criminal regime established by NATO, the US and EU would not be able to survive despite its main means of extraordinary economic opportunity: drug and people trafficking, wanton theft, murder for hire and revenge killings.

The EU is actually anti-democratic: it raises interest groups and lobbyists while EU commissioners function without accountability to nearly a half a billion people. The EU consults with itself as it thinks it is the only one talking sense. The European Convention, the body which met to draw up the European Constitution, made a great show of inviting submissions from “the people.” Nearly 200 organizations were asked for their opinion. Every one of these organizations was reliant on the EU for its funding.

Key documents for the Kosovo invasion are being adopted in Brussels for the mission's arrival there. In the space of just a few days, two important documents came before the Union, which, if adopted, will give the mission the “green light” to go to Kosovo. They do not specify when the mission to Kosovo will start. Rather, that it should last 28 months, with the possibility of an extension. The mission will be financed by the European budget, and the first 16 months alone will cost EUR 205mn.

It is stated that the aim of the mission, to be called EULEKS, more properly they should call it Wehrmacht or Stormtroopers or SS or Einsatzgruppen…is to promote democracy, economic development and stability in Kosovo.

For different reasons, Belgrade and Pristina view the mission as being the architect of the province’s independence. The 30-page document that represents the basis for establishing the mission does not contain a single word referring to status. And that is no wonder because the EU has absolutely NO authority to occupy historic, sacred Serbian land.

Serbia is not a member of the EU, but Serbia is by many standards the most genuine democracy and example of European values on the entire Continent. Additionally, an illegal and unrecognizable Albanian Kosovo will NEVER be able to meet any EU standards for freedom, democracy or economic development in the foreseeable future.

Director of the Swiss Institute of Federalism Thomas Fleiner says that the UN resolution on the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija gives no legal basis to the EU's mission plans. "The EU has made it clear that it is sending a mission as part of preparations for the independence of Kosovo, which would constitute a violation of Resolution 1244 article 10," said Fleiner, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Freiburg.

The Swiss expert pointed out that Resolution 1244 also requires "the full cooperation of FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) in its implementation," or that "one of the partner parties responsible for implementing the solution prescribed by the resolution is FRY, or its legal successor Serbia."

"That means that all matters relating to the implementation of the resolution have to be done in cooperation with the chief partner—Serbia. Once Kosovo province becomes an illegal independent state, states that are supposed to cooperate in the implementation of the resolution will no longer have a partner with whom they can cooperate."

Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador to Belgrade Aleksandr Alekseyev has said that the EU mission can come to Kosovo only via a Security Council resolution. Asked if Russia was prepared to give the “green light” to the arrival of such a mission in the Security Council, Alekseyev replied that “I think it would be a big mistake if the secretary-general gave some sort of sign that could be interpreted as a “green light” for sending a mission to Kosovo.” Asked what Moscow could do should Brussels go ahead with sending the mission, he replied, “Our two countries have already moved from ‘coordinated’ to common policies. You can rest assured that we will, in common contact, find a way of responding to this challenge,” said Alekseyev.
As far as a unilateral declaration of independence was concerned, should it happen, the ambassador said that a Security Council session should be called immediately, and that it “was obliged to take decisions to render that declaration null and void.” His response to a journalist’s statement that Russia would never recognize Kosovo was unequivocal: “You can rest assured of that.”

The EU’s determination to meddle in what is strictly an internal Serbian matter further demonstrates that the EU in its stated purposes has been an utter failure except for the army of super rich Eurocrats whose only intention in allowing this gross injustice is enrichment of the empire and certain corporations, entities and individuals.

Who among the Eurocrats would like to step forward and proclaim himself the new Hitler of the Fourth Reich also known as the European Union? The EU is seeking to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of Herr Hitler, the first powerful European to propose a Greater Albania among aliens in the heart of Europe. Albanian thugs, war criminals and drug lords (not even the ordinary common Albanian citizen who was frequently seen running towards Serbian troops for protection from these criminal elements) now will profit as direct descendents of Hitler’s great friends and allies during that miserable, bloody war. All this while they already have a state of their own called Albania. The EU, acting exactly like Hitler and his Stormtroopers, does so at its own peril and sadly at the peril of the entire European continent it purports to secure.