Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Intrusion: A chronic western illness

In the equation of the history of civilizations, intrusion into the affairs of sovereign nations/states by western powers has been a constant factor. The recent statements by the President of the United States of the America and of the European Commission about the state of democracy and freedom of expression in Russia show once again the insolence with which certain western elements behave in their relations with Moscow.

George Bush and Jose Barroso prefer soundbites, of the "deeply concerned" and “particularly troubled” kind, over reasoning and intelligence. They spew out such inanities, alluding to the absence of "freedom of expression" whenever an illegal manifestation is scattered in the Russia... but they both forget that they have roofs made of glass.

To begin with, one would remind Jose Barroso that he was part of a government (PSD) in Portugal not so many years ago, during whose tenure scenes of police violence against demonstrators (on the 25th April Bridge and in Marinha Grande, to give just two examples) took place. We remind him that Russia did not proffer a single word regarding absence of freedom of expression or demonstration in Portugal, even when the riot police violently beat up men, women and elders.

Concerning George Bush, "deeply concerned" was how the rest of the world felt and feels over the existence of concentration camps at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo still in the 21st century, deeply concerning are the acts of torture perpetrated by the US Armed Forces of which George Bush is C-in-C, deeply concerning are the rapes of Iraqi women by American soldiers.

Of deep concern is the choice to target civilian structures with military hardware (war crimes), of deep concern is Washington’s allocation of billionaire contracts without open tender, of deep concern is the state of Iraq’s society today. Deeply concerning are acts of mass murder and wanton and willful violence, the legacy of the Bush regime.

Most members of the international community are deeply concerned at the attacks against civilians by the US armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also causes deep concern that these two leaders speak as aimlessly as if they were two bakers’ wives at the hairdresser’s, or two hairdresser´s apprentices at the bakery. Gravely worrying it is that these two who gave their support for one of the most colossal errors in the history of international relations – Iraq, hold the positions they do. The only difference is that one is either too stupid or too arrogant to admit the mistake and the other sufficiently wily to try to allude to the fact that he did not master all the facts at decision-making time, when he joined Bush, Blair and Aznar in the Axis of Evil.

As in any country of the world, in Russia, laws exist. There are clear rules for the holding of demonsrations and those which are properly registered, take place across the coutry every week, like anywhere else. As in any country of the world, in Russia, clowns exist, and one of these clowns is Garry Kasparov, an Azeri Jew from Azerbaijan with residence in New York who has the megalomaniac idea that he has any importance in Russia.

His "Other Russia" is no more than a flock of failures on the fringes of Russian society and in the forthcoming elections, he/they should receive between zero and five percent of the votes, in a fair and free election, while United Russia (a political formation near to President Putin), should receive between 60 and 75% of the vote. The fact that people such as Bush and Barroso support a person like Kasparov, and his band of ex-Bolcheviks and Fascists, in the first place raises questions about their political choices and acumen and secondly, raises the issue of their competence to occupy their respective presidencies.

This weekend, the Russian people will say very clearly with whom they stand. Interesting it will be to hear Bush and Barroso whining, deeply regretting that the elections were not free and fair, as usual, as if anyone in Russia paid any attention to their statements. Let them be deeply concerned about their own countries, for they have more than enough problems to be solved.