Kim Jong-un: Third World War is about to start, be prepared

Recep Erdogan, Kim Jong-un: World War Three about to begin

World War Three is about to begin, everyone must be prepared, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said.

"Clashes in the Middle East will cause hostilities to spread to other regions of the world,” the DPRK leader said.

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said that Israel's decision to launch the ground operation in the Gaza Strip on October 27 escalated the conflict in the Middle East even further. According to him, "the entire region will explode,” and "non-regional players” will join the war.

Israel was shelled from the territory of Lebanon yet again, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on its Telegram channel.

The launches were recorded from the Lebanese territory towards the northern part of Israel, the Zarit area. The IDF fired back. No casualties were reported, no damage was caused to Israel either.

Israel began a new phase of military operations in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, October 28. According to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, military operations in the Gaza Strip will continue until further orders are received. The head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense also announced attacks against Hamas at all levels.

Turkey to declare Israel a war criminal

Turkey will declare Israel a war criminal, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said at a massive rally in support of Palestine held at the Istanbul Airport.

Erdogan called Israel an "occupier” of Palestinian territories, drawing attention to the 1947 borders;

Erdogan described the crisis in Gaza as "massacre" and laid responsibility for it on the West.

"Everyone knows that Israel is just a pawn in the region that will be sacrificed when the right day comes."

"I said that Hamas was not a terrorist organisation, and Israel was very concerned about this."

Those who "shed crocodile tears” for victims in Ukraine yesterday are silently watching thousands of innocent children dying in the Gaza Strip today;

"Every country has the right to self-defense, but where is the justice? What is happening in the Gaza Strip is not defense — this is open and vile bloodshed," Recep Erdogan said.

Israel has decided to recall its diplomatic representatives from Turkey - Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said.

Palestinians will not leave Gaza Strip

Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafez Nofal told TASS:

  • Israel's ground operation will involve other countries in the war;
  • The Palestinians will not leave the Gaza Strip. They will not go to so-called camps in Egypt;
  • The issue of evacuating Russians from the Gaza Strip has not been resolved yet, but the Palestinian side is working on this issue together with Moscow;
  • There is no progress on the issue of releasing hostages yet. Iran and Qatar continue working in this direction;
  • Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip on October 27-28 led to great destruction and casualties;
  • Mahmoud Abbas advocates at least a temporary break in hostilities; he does not rule out negotiations afterwards.

5,000 American military men took part in Israel's ground operation against Gaza on Friday — Iranian agency Tasnim said citing its sources. The Pentagon later denied such reports.

Elon Musk said that Starlink satellite services would be provided to internationally recognized relief organizations in the Gaza Strip

Russia warns against making adventurous decisions

Statements from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • On October 28, Israel launched a ground military operation in Gaza, the confrontation reached a new stage of escalation;
  • The Russian Federation calls for the consolidation of collective steps to restart the negotiation process between the parties to the Middle East conflict;
  • Russia is making its contribution to achieving a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including through mediation efforts;
  • The Russian Federation warns against adventurous decisions of those who are tempted to spark another big war in the Middle East.

UN Secretary General: This is a moment of truth

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressed the participants in the conflict in the Middle East on social media:

"This situation must be reversed. I reiterate my strong appeal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, together with the unconditional release of hostages and a delivery of humanitarian relief at the level that corresponds to the dramatic needs of the people in Gaza, where a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in front of our eyes.

"I want to repeat what I said yesterday. This is the moment of truth. Everyone must assume their responsibilities. History will judge us all."

Israel to revise cooperation within UN

Israeli Ambassador to Russia Alexander Ben Zvi told TASS:

  • Israel confirms operation in Gaza "from air, land and sea”;
  • Israel has not yet launched a large-scale ground operation in Gaza;
  • Israel will not withdraw from the UN, but it may revise cooperation within the organisation;
  • Israel did not negotiate with Hamas about the hostages;
  • Israel has information proving that Hamas has millions of liters of fuel;
  • Israel continues supplying water to the south of the Gaza Strip.

Militia groups that attack US troops in Iraq and Syria operate independently of Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said in an interview with Bloomberg.

"They do not receive any orders or instructions from us. The American side claims that they are associated with Iran. But these groups independently decide what to do," he said.

The minister also said that he asked Hamas to release civilian hostages that Hamas fighters captured during attacks on Israel.

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Gaza under heavy bombardment
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