USA's strategic nuclear forces get ready for war with Russia

The United States has recently held military exercises of strategic nuclear forces. The exercises were the largest in years. According to the legend of the drills, the hybrid conflict in Europe develops into a global nuclear war involving the United States.

Global Lightning 17 maneuvers were held on February 7-17. The drills were conducted to train  actions in the event of a conflict with another nuclear power in the European theater of operations. The Pentagon did not clarify the imaginary enemy, although the United States has only one possible enemy in the above-mentioned theater of operations - Russia.

Previously, the United States would practice one version of warfare, but this time the military  practiced the use of all possible options. Officers from Australia, Canada, Denmark and the UK took part in the drills.

Why does the USA rattle its weapons in front of Russia? Are the Americans preparing for a real war with Russia? Pravda.Ru asked these questions to Anatoly Tsyganok, chief of the Military Forecasting Center at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis.

"I do not think that the Americans are getting ready for war. The Americans have always tried to assess the threat from Russia and China. Russia's threat is a historical issue for the United States. Those were common drills. When they say in the USA that Russia is a threat to the United States, they give US citizens a portion of lies. At the same time, up to 60 percent of Russians see NATO as a threat to Russia."


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