Saudis not to cope with its own NATO

Following the last year anti-terror organization, that consisted of 34 Islamic countries, the Saudis now offer to create another one, but on the model of the NATO this time.

The new initiative is explained with fight against terrorism, but one should not exclude that the "Muslim NATO" will be customized not against the terror organizations like the ISIS, but rather against Iran.

Aleksandr Vavilov, Professor at Moscow State University and Diplomatic Academy at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expert on the Middle East, commented Pravda.Ru on the initiative of the Saudis.

"They will not cope with it. All these initiatives do not correspond with the current situation and state of affairs. Russia offers to create a single international front to fight against terrorism. Everything should be done by joint efforts.

Knowing Saudis, I could say that these are their political steps, but the distance from statements to practical implementation is too long. So, they will hardly manage to create such an organization," the orientalist noted.

Pakistan was entrusted with organizational work, while the Saudi Arabia stepped aside.

"The Pakistanis will deal with these issues just nominally, in a slipshod manner, as it doesn't make them worry to such extent, as it should worry the Middle Eastern states, including the Persian Gulf. Pakistan has enough of its own problems apart from terrorism," the expert said.

Despite present disagreements, relations between the Saudis and the US are still the strategic ones, as they have been since the 1944, when they signed an agreement on cooperation and partnership and the Saudi Arabia became the key partner of the US in the Middle East.

"The Saudi Arabia sees its well-being and security in cooperation with the United States, first of all. It has lasted for five decades. And any changes are unlikely here," Aleksandr Vavilov concluded.


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