USA sets troops on high alert after CIA torture report published
















A report on the use of torture in secret CIA prisons has been exposed in the United States, despite enormous opposition from the White House.

Washington was highly concerned about the possibility for the report to be published. To be prepared for possible anti-American protest actions, the Pentagon set US troops in the Mediterranean region and in the Persian Gulf on full combat alert. Security at US embassies around the world was strengthened.

According to the report, a variety of techniques was used to torture and interrogation prisoners. Detainees would be deprived of clothes and sleep, they would be rectally fed, drowned in buckets of water, etc. 

According to the document, the preparation of which cost $40 million, 26 suspects were held behind bars by mistake. However, the CIA has not received desired results from the use of all those methods. The use of harsh interrogation techniques would very often lead to the appearance of fraudulent information. At times, CIA investigators actually knew that detainees were lying, but the CIA would still act on the basis of false information. 

The CIA immediately declared the report groundless. Retired CIA officers created a website called The website is said to become the center of  massive counter propaganda to defend the intelligence community of the United States.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the publication of the report on methods of interrogation should not undermine Americans' faith in the intelligence community. He stressed out that CIA agents serve the country just like diplomats and the military, risking their lives to strengthen foreign policy and  ensure national security.


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