Drinking more than four cups of coffee a days harms your health

The European Food Safety Authority (EPSA) said that excessive consumption of coffee is one of the main factors that causes harm to people's health. 

Scientists have proved that a daily intake of four small cups of coffee helps burn fat and activates the brain activity. Yet, most Europeans do not follow diet rules. 

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Decaf coffee may cause cancer?

According to the EPSA, 30 percent of office workers regularly drink five or more cups of coffee a day, varying the amount of the drink from standard to maximum, Pravda.Ru reports.

Most of Europeans prefer strong coffee. Eighteen percent of the polled drink six cups of coffee a day and even more. 

EPSA experts said that the amount of caffeine in one cup makes up more than 400 mg. According to mirror.co.uk, exceeding this dose of caffeine is very dangerous even for adults. Thus, every third respondent complained of sleep disorders, turbances, increased anxiety, blood pressure and heart problems.

To crown it all, 88 percent of Europeans have no idea how much coffee a day if safe for the human body. 


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Author`s name: Editorial Team