The Private Life of the Belarussian President

There has been a lot of gossip written about American Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. The adventures of Bill and Monica in the Oval Office of the White House are now history. However, little is known about the private life of Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko. Here is a story.

There is a very unpleasant subject to talk about for the Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko: his private life. Mr. Lukashenko is not very original when it comes to this side of his life. Like any other man, he likes to have fun.

The plan is all the same for all men: a job, a family, children, and a lover as well. A president is also a man, a human being. Lukashenko’s wife’s name is Galina. She is just like all other women. She is kind, hard-working, and more importantly, she is patient.

Alexander and Galina’s love story started long ago, when they studied at a school in the village of Rizhkovichy. Alexander was very good and romantic during their courtship: he liked to give her flowers. He even wrote her poems. However, it’s been eight years since the Lukashenkos started living separately. When Alexander won the presidential election, his wife Galina did not wake up as the first lady of Belarus. Mr. Lukashenko did not bring her to Minsk from the countryside. Galina is still living in the village of Rizhkovichy in a brick house. She lives there alone, whereas her two sons, Viktor and Dmitry, were taken to Minsk by their father. The boys live in the presidential residence. Alexander Lukashenko was ashamed of his simple village wife.

When Mr. Lukashenko moved to the capital, he was constantly seen with a brunette girl named Irina Abelskaya. Lukashenko's administration said that she was the president's personal doctor. We do not know what she prescribed to the president, but she accompanied him on all of his trips, receptions, and even official negotiations.

Time passed, and Irina turned into a stylish blond, and she gave birth to a child. Wicked tongues said that her boy was Lukashenko’s son. Eight years of Lukashenko’s presidency have been accompanied by gossip. It was rumored that the Belarussian president fell in love with little-known Belarussian singer Irina Dorofeyeva. The presidential administration allegedly took her under its patronage. Her songs and performances were aired on major radio and television channels.

Another “passion” of the Belarussian president was singer Lika Yalinskaya, a beauty queen. She is a beautiful girl indeed, so who else should get the most beautiful girl of Belarus? Obviously, the Belarussian president.