Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Police launch manhunt for woman who used her underage children as porn actors

Five underage children were forced by their mother to take part in the making of porn movies several times a week. The miscreant mother would bring their children back to a studio as soon as black-and-blue bruises on their arms and legs were gone.

Even the veteran policemen were shocked at the account of a 9-year-old Natasha S. The “filmmakers” brutally belted and starved the kids into submission if the latter refused to have sex with adult porn actors on camera. The kids could not expect to get any love or parental guidance at home: their father was a junky with pedophilic tendencies.

Along with her live-in boyfriend Andrei, her son Dima and daughter Natasha, the 32-year-old Nadezhda S. moved to Moscow from Kazakhstan a few years ago. While in Moscow, Nadezhda gave birth to three more daughters. The police would regularly visit the couple’s scuzzy apartment, which was known for all sorts of drunken parties and similarly boisterous activities. Besides, the police also kept an eye on Nadezhda’s boyfriend Andrei, a habitual user of marijuana. Meanwhile, the five children were left to their own devices. They had to live on scraps; they ate dog food and shoplifted groceries.

“My dad used to tell me to beg near a store,” said the 9-year-old Natasha. “Sometimes I hid away some of the money I got in the streets. I used it for buying food for myself and my little sisters. The dad would punish me by beating every time he found out that I was holding on to some of that money,” Natasha added.

Natasha also remembers several occasions when her father got drunk and tried to do “things” to her, the same “things he did to my mom,” as the girl put it. The “mom” apparently did not mind her live-in doing “things” to their daughters when she noticed his incestuous intentions.

One day Nadezhda took her children for a ride. The mother did not tell them where exactly they were going to. The kids were brought to a four-storey building referred to as a “photo studio.” “There was a big room out there. We saw other boys and girls in the room. Then we were stripped naked and photographed,” said one the children.

Nadezhda’s daughters were told to hold obscene postures; they were seated in a gynecologic chair and then forced to have sex with four adult men and women in most perverted ways. Every abhorrent orgy involving children was properly videotaped. The makers of child porn movies forced Dima, the 11-year-old brother of Natasha, to have sex with his own mother.

“They hit Dima very hard with a belt when he refused to “play” with our mom,” said Natasha. “They belted all of us, but Dima got beat up the hardest, he’s the only boy among us,” Natasha added.

They were other “photo sessions” in which the children took part. They would be brought to “the set” once the bruises on their bodies were no longer visible. The children’s mother would take them to a hairdresser’s and put her makeup on their faces prior to sending them to the “studio.” The horrendous activities came to light after Nadezhda was stripped of her parental rights. Her children were first transferred to an orphanage and then adopted. It is their adoptive parents who raised the alarm after the children started showing an excessive interest in sex.

Psychologists at one of the specialized childcare centers called the police as soon as they received firsthand knowledge of the children’s story.

The prosecutor’s office was quick to bring action against the “porno mom” in line with one of the articles of the Russian penal code i.e. illicit sexual activity involving minors. The police are currently trying to track down and arrest the kids’ parents, who are believed to have fled Moscow.

Tvoi Den

Translated by Guerman Grachev