Furious squirrels attack stray dog and tear it to pieces

When the people rushed to rescue the dog it was too late

A pack of furious squirrels attacked a stray dog and tore it to shreds in Russia's Far East. The incident occurred in the center of the settlement of Lazo in the Dalnerechensky District. black squirrel

Three locals walking in a park were witnesses of the incident. They say the stray dog was barking at black squirrels jumping from one tree to another. Then the squirrels grouped and suddenly attacked the mongrel.

The witnesses said the squirrels fiercely eviscerated the dog. When the people rushed to rescue the dog it was too late. The fight between the dog and the squirrels lasted for not longer than a minute. When the triumphant squirrels saw the humans approaching, they scattered carrying pieces of the prey in their mouths.

The incident made locals incredibly cautious and people now prefer to pass the park by and do not let children play there. People fear that savage squirrels may attack someone again. One of the locals says that if another accident occured there it would make sense to fix traps in the forest to catch squirrels.

Squirrels have little cones to eat this year. Usually, squirrels lived in the woods only but this year they have come to live right in the center of the settlement.

Mikhail Tiunov from the Far East Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences says he has never heard about squirrel attacking other animals before. “This sounds nonsensical that squirrels attacked a stray dog and tore it to pieces. If this actually happened, the life of squirrels in the forest seems to be really hard this year. It is typical of squirrels to feed on nuts, seeds and mushrooms. And it is unlikely that squirrels have become so aggressive as a result of some mutation,” Newsru quoted the expert as saying.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov