Children at risk of sexual exploitation in EU

While there is not a serious and meaningful law on immigration and integration, the ones who will be winners will be the traffickers

The innocent are always the victims who pay the highest price, whether it be as a result of acts of terrorism, fiscal policies or inadequate legislation. In this case, Europe's xenophobic stance against immigrants (which it needs anyway to shore up its ailing social security systems), too visible in France where interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy referred to immigrants as “scum” gives a huge operating space to traffickers – because immigrants will come in, if not legally then illegally.Human trafficking

While there is a market, there will be professionals. With human trafficking comes more sinister practices such as the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation. A report generated by the UN at Geneva has alerted that Greece may be a porous eastern frontier over which children are pouring into Europe to become victims of sexual slavery.

Juan Miguel Petit, UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography visited Greece recently and concluded that “The huge and dispersed coastline makes Greece an attractive destination or a gateway to the European Union,” adding that “This big flow of people on the move brought along challenges that the country was not prepared to face.”

Neither Greece, nor any country in the EU, where there are first-class, second-class and third-class citizens, labeled because of the accident called a birthplace, denied equal rights, many of them living a nightmare of semi-legal status in which the demands to pay are high and the right to payment nil.

This, from a Europe which spent centuries enslaving populations, holding them down, refusing to educate them while they stole the natural resources, drew lines on maps and slaughtered those who rose up in protest.

While Europe does not accept that immigration is both necessary and inevitable, integrate its immigrant population and guarantee full rights to the families of immigrants, receiving them as full citizens, a parallel system will flourish under which the trafficking of human beings will continue.

These days a European sexual pervert need not pay thousands of dollars to get on a plane and perpetrate his warped and deviant acts overseas where a child has been rented out by the day by alcoholic or depraved parents – these days it is easier to go to the nearest public square and speak to the man hanging around on the street corner.

This perversion of society and violation of human rights (especially against innocent children) is the direct result of the Fortress Europa policy.

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Author`s name Olga Savka