Russian FSB destroys psychotropic Siberian sect of shamans

Sect members were torturing their disciples depriving them of daylight, sleep and food

The department of the Federal Security Bureau in the city of Voronezh has detected and ceased the activity of the destructive religious sect known as Belovodye (White Water). This sect is a combination of occult, religious and neo-Hindu theories, the chairman of the FSB department in Voronezh, Pavel Bolshunov said. sect

Mr. Bolshunov pointed out that the Belovodye sect, which does not have an official registration in the region, had a network of secret divisions in many regions of the Russian Federation. The sect is headquartered in the city of Novosibirsk (the major city of Russia's Siberia), Interfax reports.

According to the official, the sect was practicing psychological suppression of human will, subjecting its disciples to moral and physical humiliation. Sectarians would be kept in absolute darkness, deprived of food and sleep, tortured and driven to a state, in which a person becomes willing to commit suicide. The leaders of the sect propagandized their own superiority and religious intolerance.

”As they were selecting and training new disciples, who were people of various age groups, including under age individuals, the sect was using the shaman tea made of narcotic plants, which made people lose the feeling of reality,” Bolshunov said.

Investigators determined that the sect set up several camps for children, whose parents had become sectarians. The children were forced to eat only twice a day there and live under anti-sanitary conditions. Sect members would often add the shaman tea to children's drinks and teach them occultism.

The regional division of the Federal Security Bureau received detailed testimony from one of the sectarians, a 29-year-old resident of the Khabarovsk region, who was disappointed in the teaching of the sect. In addition, the police arrested six adherents of the sect in different town of Russia: some of those people were either listed as missing or wanted. Forensic experts examined the arrested people and concluded that they were in a state of unbalanced mental condition. Certain physical features, the experts said, testified to the possible use of psychotropic agents.

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Author`s name Olga Savka