Woman kills her son-in-law to eat piece of cake near his corpse

When the son-in-law came home drunk again his mother-in-law attacked him with a knife. The man tried to run away, but the furious woman ran the man down and killed him. When the police arrived the woman was standing near the bloody corpse eating a piece of cake.

A long-lasting conflict between the mother-in-law and her son-in-law led to a brutal homicide in the Russian town of Poltava. It was said during the investigation that the quarrels were often caused by the fact that the son-in-law, 37, got regularly drunk, was unfaithful to his wife and did not particiate in the upbringing of his children.

The man's wife was very patient and calm about her husband’s behavior. However, the wife’s mother was really upset about her daughter and grandchildren and always quarreled with her son-in-law trying to make him change.

The tragedy happened when the husband came home drunk again and made his wife, mother-in-law and children leave his house. The angry woman could not stand such behavior anymore. She went to the kitchen, took a knife and stabbed her son-in-law several times, e-news reports.

The wounded man ran out of the flat and started calling for help. However, the woman ran out after him and stabbed the man eight more times.

The neighbors who heard the screams and went out of their flats called the police and ambulance. However, the man lost too much blood and died.

When the police arrived they saw quite a strange scene: the woman was standing near the dead body of a man eating a piece of cake. The neighbors told the police that they saw that the woman ran back to the kitchen, took a piece of cake out of refrigerator and returned to the corpse of her son-in-law to have a snack.

Nowadays the woman is in jail. During the first questioning she said that she “wanted to kill her son-in-law long time ago."

Source: Pravda.ru

Translated by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Alex Naumov