Terrorists kill 12 civilians in Nalchik attack

Police units of the republic have destroyed 50 terrorists; gunmen release some of the hostages in return to drinking water

The battles in the city of Nalchik have subsided. There are hardly any people in the streets. Seven terrorists have blockaded Nalchik attackthemselves in the building of the Third Police Department of the city. “The federal forces have ousted the terrorists from the ground floor of the building and made them retreat in two offices. The terrorists are holding several people hostage,” Deputy Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, Alexander Chekalin said. The official added that the Russian soldiers offered the gunmen to lay down their arms, but they refused.

Several other terrorists are currently staying in one of the shops on the ground floor of an apartment block located in Nalchik's center. The gunmen were holding six people hostage, although they subsequently released three women in return to two bottles of potable water. Three other hostages are still being held in the shop. According to the released hostages, almost all terrorists in the shop are wounded. Nalchik attackSporadic sounds of gunfire can be heard near the building, where the terrorists holed up, Rosbalt reports.

Spokesmen for the Interior Affairs Ministry of Russia said that the terrorists would most likely make another attempt to escape from the embattled city at night.

The terrorists are currently moving to the northern area of the city, towards the mountain pass.

Terrorists attack the city of Nalchik in Russia's south: Photo report

Terrorists launched the massive attack on Nalchik, the capital of the Kabardino-Balkaria republic in the south of Russia, in the morning today, when a large group of gunmen attempted to seize all governmental and military structures of the city. Dozens of terrorists from the group of religious extremists, Wakhabbis, reportedly tried to release other gunmen from their group, which the federal forces had previously arrested. Nalchik attack

There is still no precise information on the exact number of terrorists that attacked the city: official sources say that the group counts up to 300 guerrillas.

According to official information, police units of the republic have destroyed 50 terrorists. Thirteen civilians have been killed in the attack, over a hundred of people have been hospitalized.

Photos by Vesti, ORT

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Author`s name Olga Savka