Man dismembers his friend and sends his body parts to different regions

A terribly cruel murder was committed at the railway station Krasnoufimsk in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region. A railway worker got quarreled with his friend then killed him and dismembered with an axe and saw. To make it impossible to identify the dead body the killer put the parts into railway cars that further departed to different regions of the country. The arms were found in the Omsk Region while the head turned up in the Kemerovo Region.

The killer and the victim were neighbors, and one day they went for a picnic in a forest. During the picnic the men got quarreled and the engine-driver’s mate severely beat his opponent. Then the evil-doer brought an axe and a saw from home to cut the arms, head and legs off his friend who was still alive but unconscious.

The 27-year-old criminal wanted to cover his tracks and hid the dismembered parts of the victim’s body in different cars of a freight train. The railway police state that the man suspected of the cruel killing was aware of the fact that freight trains were usually divided at some station, and the dissected parts of the dead body would then go to some remote places far away from each other. And it happened the way the criminal expected.

The victim of the crime was identified just after the dead trunk was found at one of railway cars. Relatives of the man managed to identify him by his clothes only.

For the time being, the man suspected of the crime is detained. The police instituted criminal proceedings in connection with the crime; the investigation is in the process.

Liliya Subin

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov