Seventeen powerful hurricanes may devastate USA in 2007

The coming season of Atlantic hurricanes in the USA is said to bring highly dangerous storms. Meteorologists expect at least 17 hurricanes to ravage the Atlantic Coast of the USA. One of the hurricanes, they say, can carry the power of Hurricane Katrina that leveled New Orleans in 2005.

Meteorologists of Colorado State University with Professor William Gray at the head published their traditional forecast of the new hurricane season in the USA. The government of the United States pays first priority attention to the forecasts: hurricanes have been affecting the national economy and security more and more intensely during the recent years. The season of 2005 was the hardest one for the USA, when two strong hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, caused billions of dollars of damage to the USA and took thousands of lives.

Unluckily for the USA, this year’s forecast does not promise good news either. Hurricane season 2007 is expected to be highly active and destructive as it happened two years ago. Seventeen hurricanes are in store for the United States this year: five of them will be very powerful with strongest winds possible. The probability for another Katrina to emerge in the Atlantic is estimated at 75 percent.

Like any other forecast, the forecast for hurricane season 2007 may not come true to fact. William Gray predicted five powerful hurricanes last year, but only two of them actually happened and none of them reached the US coast.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov