Bride is killed with a hammer by her own sister in Siberia

A bride was killed by her sister on the wedding day. The gruesome incident took place in the Krasnoyarsk region. Nina Shytikova, the bride’s elder sister, hurled a hammer at her sister who was trying on her wedding dress near the mirror. The murder seems to be a crime of passion: Nina confessed to the police that her unrequited love for a bridegroom was the motive of her deed.

The Shytikovs had been preparing for a wedding ceremony of their younger daughter Ekaterina for several months. Lots of guests were expected to attend the wedding. Nothing portended the gory incident. According to the mother of the victim, Ekaterina simply brushed aside a popular superstition that advised against the wedding of a younger sister prior to the wedding of an elder one. “Katya never believed in that sort of things and was very happy,” said her mother.

The police found out that there were other problems related to the upcoming marriage. Ekaterina seemed to be at a crossroads before making her final choice in terms of matrimony. There were two candidates she had to choose from: her longstanding boyfriend Nikolai and her workmate Alexander. The girl had been romantically involved with both men for a long time.

Finally, Nikolai Nesterov proposed to her and she accepted her proposal. However, her parents favored Alexander. Ekaterina was particularly surprised at the news that Nina, her beloved sister, was also on her parents’ side. Nina is reported to have always treated Nikolai very well.

The tragedy occurred late evening before the wedding day, Segodnyashnaya Gazeta reports. According to the police, Ekaterina Shytikova was standing in front of a mirror trying her wedding dress on when the perpetrator, positioned outside the house, threw a hammer through the window. A heavy tool hit Ekaterina at the back of her head, she died instantly.

The parents who dropped by her room to say goodnight later found Ekaterina lying on the floor in a puddle of blood.

The case proved to be a rather difficult one for the police. Both Nikolai and Alexander fell neatly under the category of usual suspects. The Shytikovs’ friends and neighbors along with the police seemed to believe that both men had good reasons for hurting Ekaterina. According to a witness’ account, Nikolai suffered a fit of jealousy and threatened to beat his bride up some time before the incident. Besides, neither Alexander nor Nikolai had a good alibi for the night of the murder. Nikolai was taken into custody several hours after the police launched investigation.

Nina, the victim’s sister, turned up at the police station a few hours after Nikolai was detained. Nina admitted to killing her sister with a hammer on that fateful night. Nina also said that she would have never forgiven herself if Nikolai had been jailed for a crime he never committed.

Nina Shytikova revealed to the police all the details related to the arrangements for the murder. She found a hammer in a derelict house nearby, and spent some choosing the right moment for hurling the deadly weapon at her sister. The police soon discovered evidence to support her depositions. Nina’s fingerprints were found the handle of the hammer.

The police took little time to determine the motive for the crime. As it turned out, Nina had fallen in love with Nikolai a long time ago yet he simply ignored her feelings. Nina is reported to have been extremely jealous of her younger sister’s good looks and matrimonial prospects.

Nina Shytikova was sentenced to 9 years in a medium-security correctional facility. Once she heard her verdict in a court house, Nina cried out before the guards took her away: “Don’t you worry too much for me. I’ll be back soon. The nine-year prison term isn’t a long time, is it?”

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Alex Naumov