London bombings conducted by teenagers

London suicide bombers were teenage suicidal terrorists of Pakistani origin

The British press published first photographs and exposed the names of suicide bombers, who attacked London's Tube and surface transportation on July 7thThe British press published first photographs and exposed the names of suicide bombers, who attacked London's Tube and surface transportation on July 7th. The terrorists were still children, British newspapers wrote. One of them was only 19, another one was a 22-year-old young man, whereas the third one was reportedly 30 years of age. The body of the fourth suicide terrorist was severely charred, which made it impossible for specialists to identify it.

A spokesman for the anti-terrorist department of the London Police, Peter Clarke, stated at a special press conference Tuesday that the police had found the documents of all the four suspects on the sites, where the explosions occurred. It gives a reason to believe, Clarke added, that all the terrorists were killed during the bombings, although the supposition cannot be confirmed completely. The three other terrorists have been reported as missing so far.

Investigators found the terrorists' IDs on the sites of the explosionsInvestigators found the terrorists' IDs on the sites of the explosions: driver licenses and credit cards. It is worth mentioning, however, that someone could have put the documents there by stealth to mislead the police, a specialist on terrorism told Sky News.

The three suicide terrorists were friends and neighbors when they were alive. All of them resided in the city of Leeds. Investigators have already detected a home bomb-making factory in the town.

Twenty-two-year-old Shahzad Tanweer blew up his bomb in The Tube, near the station of Aldgate. Tanweer arrived in London along with his three friends from Yorkshire. Neighbors said that he was "quite a nice fellow."

Nineteen-year-old Hasib Hussain killed himself with a bomb on the top floor of N30 double-decker. His IDs were found on the crime scene. His parents called the police to report that their son had disappeared. They specified that the boy went to London the day, when the terrorist acts took place, Sky News said.

Thirty-year-old Mohammed Sidique Khan was named the third suicide terrorist. The man performed the suicidal terrorist act in the tunnel near the station of Edgware Road. The man was married, he was a father of a eight-month-old baby, the police said.

The fourth terrorist, whose attack near King's Cross was the most powerful of the July 7th explosions, is still listed unnamed. According to preliminary information, it was a young man under 20.

The four of the above-mentioned suicide terrorists arrived in London on Thameslink train. The terrorists bid goodbye to each other from King Cross station. Surveillance cameras filmed the terrorists' farewell scene. The young men were standing in the middle of the platform chatting and laughing. It took place 30 minutes before the explosions began. All the four suicide terrorists were wearing backpacks with bombs.

The four terrorists were British citizens of the Pakistani origin. Two of them had recently returned from Pakistan. British diplomats and special services MI5 and MI6 currently conduct active consultations with Pakistani colleagues.

Sources from MI5 say that none of the above-mentioned terrorists was listed in Pakistan as a potential terrorist.

Photos: The Sun

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva