Security guard brutally kills mongrel dog in a crowd of metro passengers

On Tuesday a case of cruelty to animals went under way in Cheryemushkinski court in Moscow. Boris Surov, 58, a former guard of the Moscow metro, is put on trial for killing a mongrel dog called Ryzhyk (loosely translated as “Ginger”) at Konkovo metro station on March 21.

Boris Surov was still a guard at the Moscow metro seven months ago. On March 21 he was walking past a ticket office at Konkovo metro station. He apparently spotted a ginger dog sleeping near the radiator. All of a sudden, Surov grabbed the dog and smashed its head against the column. Then he dealt several heavy blows to the dog’s head, using the handle of his knife.

A crowd of passengers including children and pregnant women witnessed the abhorrent attack. Some of the passengers tried to stop Surov but he scared them off by brandishing his knife. Eventually, Ekaterina Kolycheva, a veterinarian, managed to pick up the dog and took it to a veterinary clinic. But it was too late. Despite urgent treatment in the clinic, the dog died later that night.

The prosecutor’s office brought four charges against Surov, namely, cruelty to animals, hooliganism, property destruction, threat instantly to kill. The court ruled that Kolycheva was an offence victim in the case. She filed a civil claim for 47 thousand rubles in damages. The amount claimed includes medical bills charged by the veterinary clinic.

A group of people held a rally near the courthouse as the trial was about to begin on Tuesday afternoon. One of the protesters was enthusiastically chanting in a megaphone: “Those who kill animals should be sent to prison!” Other protesters carried banners that read: “The flayer should be put behind prison bars,” “Cruelty to animals is Russia’s disgrace.” A big shaggy dog was brought to the rally. The dog obediently stretched itself out on the doorstep, a hint of sadness in its beady eyes.

Surov appeared before the court one hour late. The people in a courtroom could see a middle-aged man of strong build. His hair was completely gray and his face was red. Surov looked away while answering questions put by the judge. The former guard informed the court that he was a widower and currently unemployed. He also admitted that he had a criminal record in the past. At that point Surov’s lawyer intervened to advise the court that the defendant was unfit for trial because of his poor health. According to her, Surov was suffering from high blood pressure. “I’ve known him for eight years, and his face always looked red just like it does today. The complexion is not a sign of high blood pressure,” said Kolycheva. However, the court took the lawyer’s statement into consideration and a court session was adjourned. Surov was told to present paperwork confirming his diagnosis on the next session.

Once the court session was over, Surov unbuttoned the sleeves of his shirt and displayed a few scars on his forearm. He said that he was simply fighting the dog that bit him. However, Kolycheva claimed that Surov had taken 1 ½ month to seek medical help following the hideous incident at Konkovo metro station.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov