Man arrested for killing, cooking and eating his neighbor’s poodle

A poodle-killer accused of animal cruelty was detained in Tver. According to the department of data reports and social connections of Tver administration police were able to arrest a 44-year-old highly intoxicated unemployed man while he was attempting to eat an animal in one of the dormitories.

As it turned out the man has heard a lot about the health benefits of consuming dog flesh and wanted to give it a try. The detainee then kidnapped a neighbor’s poodle, killed it and placed the meat to cook on the stove.

IA REGNUM reports that when the special operative team answering the female neighbor’s call arrived at the scene, the dish was almost ready. The poodle’s killer behaved very aggressively with the police. Nonetheless he was arrested and safely delivered over to the higher authorities.

Not long ago another resident of Sverdlovskiy region received time for a similar crime. Dmitriy Purgin, 29, was accused killing and barbecuing a dog.

Purgin was found guilty of theft. Besides that the accused had already another case pending against him. As a result he was sentenced to two and a half years of colony. His crime accomplice Sergey Udintsev, 27, was also given a sentence of two years.

According to the investigation last February Purgin and Udintsev were grilling some meat and drinking alcohol outside with their female friends. Purgin noticed an 11-year-old boy with a dog which used to live on the street. Apparently a few days before the incident this child convinced his mother to take the dog home.

Purgin, who had previously been convicted and had already served time for theft, noticed the dog a long time ago. His interest was not aesthetic but gastronomic. The thing is, eating dog’s flesh is almost a tradition among the former convicts. It is believed that such meat helps against tuberculosis – a disease prevalent in the areas where convicts reside, the prosecution explains.

Purgin approached the boy and took the dog away from him. By the time his mother came home it was too late. The dog had been killed and consumed.

Source: Agencies

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina