Natascha Kampusch unveils the details of her captivity

First public interview featuring Natascha Kampusch who was kept in a dungeon cell of her kidnapper’s house for 8 years was aired Wednesday night on Austrian ORF channel.

Young woman described the nightmarish ordeal and explained that she escaped when her captor was distracted with a phone call.

The teenager was avoiding bright camera lights since she has not yet recovered from years spent in darkness.

CNN reports that for the first six months the girl was throwing water bottles against the wall in frustration and despair until Priklopil began letting her come upstairs for a short while. "I was very distraught and very angry," the 18-year-old told Austrian public broadcaster, “He was very paranoid.” She also added that her captor felt guilty but suppressed his guilt.

After two years the man began letting her listen to the radio and provided her with some newspapers, which he carefully checked beforehand. The two celebrated the girl’s birthdays, Christmas and Easter together. One time Kampusch managed to sneak out for some ice-cream.

Natascha mentioned that she didn’t get enough to eat. Austrian magazine “Profil” reported that when she was rescued the girl weighed as much as she did on the day of her capture: 42 kg.

In a separate interview with Kronen Zeitung Kampusch said that escape was the only thing she could think about during her ordeal and that she had made an attempt to jump out of Priklopil’s car at one point.

Young woman told that when the man took her out on errands she tried to make eye contact with people but no one recognized her. “If I were to ask anyone for help he would kill that person,” Natascha explained, “I couldn’t risk that.” She admitted, however, that she had considered attacking Priklopil with an ax, AP reported.

On a more hopeful note in the interview Kampusch described her future plans which included continuing her education, becoming an actress and starting an aid project for women who disappear in Mexico .

Austrian magazine printed a picture of the girl wearing a pink scarf, which is said to be her fashion style. Doctors were checking her for heart failures because Natascha complained about sudden palpitations and occasional blurred vision. Psychologists said she had been in touch with her mother but did not ask for her father as of yet.

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina