British terror alert makes all toothpastes and whiskeys extremely dangerous substances

The terror conspiracy in England continues to unveil more and more of its secrets. According to various news reports, up to 30 Muslim guerrillas supposedly intended to explode about 20 jetliners flying from Britain to the USA. The tremendous terrorist attack was miraculously prevented.

However, the scale of the conspiracy was much larger, the Independent wrote. According to the British newspaper, over one thousand terrorists across England were involved in the plot. The militants planned to execute terrorist acts not only in the air blowing up jetliners but on the ground (in Great Britain) as well. The majority of the terrorists are still free. No one knows where and how they can try to exercise their activities again. For the time being special services continue to report how they managed to disrupt terrorists’ plans.

One of the versions says that it was a special agent working in the terrorist environment who delivered the information about the imminent attack. Others say that secret services intercepted a phone call of one of the plotters. The terrorist supposedly asked his Britain-based ‘colleagues’ to hurry up with the launch of the terrorist operation in England in connection with massive arrests of his accomplices in Pakistan. As a result, the operation was slated for August 16.

The terrorists that intended to explode such a large number of passenger jetliners are Muslims of Pakistani origin. The operation was supposedly organized by two brothers – Rashid and Tayib Rauf. One of them was commanding the Pakistani terrorists, whereas the other one was coordinating their actions in London.

The oldest of the 23 arrested terrorists, Shamin Mohammed Uddin, is only 35. The youngest of them, Abdullah Munim Patel, is 17 years old. Another terrorist suspect – 22-year-old Wahid Zaman – is a student of chemistry. Rumour has it that terrorist leaders were trying to hire suicide bombers among British students. There are three English young men among the arrested suspects. One of the people taken into custody is a young woman who recently became a mother. Police officers say that she was probably supposed to take liquid explosives guised as baby food on board one of the planes.

In the meantime, Russian airlines that perform regular flights to the USA have recently received a fax from the US Transport Security Administration. According to new requirements, it is strictly forbidden for all passengers, business and first class inclusive, to take any drinks on board the planes even if they bought the drinks in duty-free shops. The banning list continues with shampoos, hair-dyes, various skin care creams including sun lotions and even toothpastes. The last item on the list – toothpastes – will apparently cause too many inconveniences for passengers because a Russia-USA flight may last ten or twelve hours.

These security measures were connected with the fact that the British terrorists intended to use liquid substances for their bombs. “Technically it is easy to distinguish liquid explosive from cosmetics without the use of special devices,” an expert of aviation security told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. “However, if airport employees examine passengers’ every single shoe, garment and toothpaste tube, the registration procedure will last for many hours,” the expert said.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov