Swindler claiming he is another Christ seeks presidential position

Grigory Grabovoy wants to zomby RussiansFounder of a sect wants to become the president of Russia and hopes to achieve the goal with the help of those whom he has already zombied

Grigory Grabovoy is a quack and the founder of a sect who claimed he would raise from the dead those children who tragically died during the Beslan school terrorist act; he thus wanted parents of the perished children pay him the money the government appropriated as compensations. And now, the swindler insists his followers must “code” the Russian Government. Grigory Grabovoy wants to become the president of Russia and hopes to achieve the goal with the help of those whom he has already zombied.

For a long period of time, the man has been known as a quack healer who claimed he would cure any disease at a distance. But recently the man has declared that he, Grigory Grabovoy, 41, is in fact the 2nd Advent of Christ. And to prove his divine power, he demonstrated several people whom he had allegedly raised from the dead. For the time being, Grigory devotes little time to “reviving people”, as he is busy with his pre-election campaign.

“Followers” of the swindler told NEWSru that as soon as Grigory Grabovoy becomes the president of Russia, he would "immediately issue a law prohibiting to die"; according to this law the dead would rise from the dead.

The man asks his followers to assist him in “managing the government”. For this purpose, he says, one should imagine a silvery white sphere with a series of numbers inside. Grabovoy says that next one should “input” those 12 principles into the sphere upon which the government must work. Among the principles there are cutting down the governmental administration, abolishment of deputy privileges, forming a contract-based army and so on. Then, he says, the imagined sphere must be sent to the Government (he means this must be done in their minds).

Members of Grabovoy’s sect insist that regular presence at the “teacher’s” seminars and reading his books will certainly help you raise other people from the dead. At that, the swindlers state people revived this way will be absolutely normal. They say: “At first, you come to see the grave of your relative or a close man and feel there is nobody under the gravestone. Then, you will come across people resembling the people you want to rise from the dead. And after that, these people will be back to you and will live the same life you had before their death.”

However it should be mentioned that “reviving” may be a success only on condition if people wishing this reviving pay much money. The sect offers videotaped lections and books of Grigory Grabovoy and invites to attend his lections. People in despair with their grief are ready to pay up to 40 thousand rubles (more than $1,000) to the swindler for the promise “to raise their relatives from the dead”. The sect charged credulous parents of the children perished during the Beslan tragedy this sum.

Psychologists warn that attending lections in Grabovoy’s sect is ruinous not only for the budget but also for people’s mental health. There is a saying: “If your soul is offered a tour about the skies, there is someone who wants to control your body.” Grabovoy’s sect is a really dangerous swindling, as the quacks employ sacred things to lead credulous people astray.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva