Japan tires to save itself from North Korea with the help of US Patriot air defense systems

US defense specialists are going to start deploying modernized Patriot anti-missile complexes at an air base in the south of Japan’s Okinawa. The works to install the systems will start in September and will be finished by the end of March, an official spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Japan said, Interfax reports.

Japanese officials emphasize that the deployment of the Patriot complex was and the recent tests of North Korean ballistic missiles was a pure coincidence. They also say that the US air defense system is supposed to protect the country from North Korea’s possible attack.

Japan also plans to deploy its own military complexes equipped with Patriot missiles. The systems are said to be stationed at the end of March at an air base to the north of Tokyo.

Many news agencies reported before that the government of Japan was intended to accelerate the creation of the air defense system in connection with the launch of North Korean ballistic missiles. Four up-to-date US Patriot air defense systems are going to be deployed in Japan by 2008.

Even one Patriot system is capable of guaranteeing high security level in case of a missile attack. A group of four systems means that Patriot will not give even one chance for enemy’s missiles to hit potential targets, experts say.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov