Shamil Basayev’s severed head taken to expertise in plastic bag

Russian media outlets continue to publish the details of the special operation to terminate Chechen terrorist No.1 Shamil Basayev. It became known that the Chechen terrorist leader had been killed with an explosion during the transportation of weapons in Ingushetia (a republic that borders on Chechnya).

The terrorists were transporting their weapons in a KamAZ truck. When the vehicle was exploded, Russian servicemen found a severed head of a male in heaps of truck fragments. The head belonged to a bald man with a long beard. Russian officers examined the head and concluded that it looked like the head of terrorist Basayev. Medical experts came to a similar conclusion. It was later confirmed that the truck explosion killed Basayev and 12 other terrorists.

The head was placed in a black plastic bag labeled as SB. A group of Russian gunners took the evidence to Nazran, Ingushetia’s capital. The news about the termination of Basayev will be officially confirmed after Moscow pathologists, who arrived in Nazran yesterday night, will complete their expertise.

US President George W. Bush said that Basayev deserved to die if the Chechen warlord was behind the terrible terrorist attack on Beslan school in 2004. Officials from the US administration stated earlier that they had no independent data to confirm the termination of Shamil Basayev. Bush added that the US special services continued to collect the information about yesterday’s event.

The European Union also welcomed the liquidation of the Chechen terrorist leader. EU officials said that they hoped to see progress in the peaceful development of Chechnya after the killing of Basayev.

It was also reported that the information about Basayev’s whereabouts was received from the sources close to the now-deceased vice president of Chechnya.

Based on Russian media news reports

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov