Expensive and luxury cars can be gone in Moscow in less than 60 seconds

Car theft is a very common practice in big cities and Moscow is not an exception. Car hijackers in Moscow prefer Russian cars as a rule, because it is easier to sell them. However, foreign-made cars are also of great popularity at this point. The following is the list of 10 foreign-made cars that are most often stolen in Moscow. The information has been provided by State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

1. Volkswagen Passat takes the first place in this list. In 2006 more than 200 Passats have been stolen in Moscow. Experts say Volkswagen Passat is extremely popular on secondhand market.

2. Audi 100. Despite the fact that the production of Audi 100 was shut down long ago, today there are a lot of people who are eager to drive a legend. In 2006 92 Audi 100 vehicles have been hijacked.

3. It is better not to leave your Volkswagen Golf unattended. In 2006, 84 Golfs have been stolen. Statistics shows that criminals prefer Volkswagen Golf 4.

4. Toyota RAV4 is not only the most popular crossover in Russia but is a very frequently stolen vehicle too. While RAV4’s fans are waiting for new models, perpetrators are hijacking their old ones. 79 cars have been stolen in 2006.

5. Toyota Avensis. Toyota is considered to be one of the most reliable cars in the world. Thieves also can read and are aware of car reliability ratings. Since the beginning of this year 65 Toyota Avensis cars have been stolen in Moscow.

6. The production of Audi 80 was closed in early 90s, but the cases of its theft are still regular. Car thieves are not confused by the age of Audi 80, that’s why 62 owners have been left without their “old friends” this year.

7. BMW 5-series attracts attention of many people by its provocative look. Thieves are no exception. 58 cars have already been stolen this year.

8. Toyota Camry. Many people are dreaming to drive a business-class car. And this year at least 57 people have made their dreams come true. The ways they used were illegal, but for real dreamers it doesn’t matter.

9. Toyota Corolla. Reliability is often the key factor for those who are choosing a car and criminals are perfectly aware of it. This year Corolla’s reliability has made 56 is owners to use public transport.

10. Opel Astra. The fact that many people in Russia think of Opels as a waste product of German car industry, it doesn’t prevent thieves from stealing them. This year 56 Opel Astra cars have been stolen in Moscow.

Source: drive.ru

Translated by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Alex Naumov