Spring flood and thawing ice level Siberian villages

Huge blocks of ice practically leveled the entire village to the ground

This year's spring floods have become extremely dangerous for the people of Siberia, Ural, and Far East of Russia. High waters have flooded hundreds of houses in Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Kurgan regions. Emergency services are currently evacuating local residents. The rising water level in certain areas of the Far Eastern region of Russia has flooded several highways.

Three elderly people were killed in the heavy spring flood in the Irkutsk region, where the water destroyed a whole settlement. Over 200 people have been evacuated from the flooded village. Continuing heavy rainfalls and the ice blocking in the local Biryusa River resulted in the critical rise of water in the area of the Siberian village of Patrikha. Huge blocks of ice practically leveled the entire village to the ground. The water level in the Biryusa river is gradually decreasing at the moment.

Local authorities have already decided not to recreate the destroyed village. The administration of the region said that four families of the destroyed settlement would be housed in the region's central town, whereas 64 other families will have new homes in other villages of the region.

Specialists of the sanitary and epidemiological service have already started disinfecting the disastrous area. The flood has killed a lot of domestic animals, such as cows, horses and pigs, the corpses of which might become sources of infectious diseases. Specialists of the social protection service are calculating the financial damage that the flood has caused.

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Author`s name Olga Savka