Mother sells 3-year-old daughter for $3 to buy vodka

The exhausted little girl did not know how to use a spoon or a fork

A woman residing in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia sold her three-year-old daughter for 80 rubles, which is a little less than $3. The woman said that she needed the money to buy a bottle of vodka. The little girl is currently staying in a local orphanage house; the girl is exhausted and can hardly say a word.

The poor child weighs twice as less as the norm: the girl's weight is only ten kilograms. The hunger exhausted the child; it was obvious that the girl had not eaten for a long time. When law-enforcement officers brought the little girl to the orphanage, she would take meals away from other orphans in the dining room. In addition, the girl did not know how to use a spoon and a fork.

The child, named as Lena Golubeva, found herself in the rehabilitation center after she had been sold by her mother. The woman was trying to sell her own daughter to people from a local dormitory, where the girl's father was living. One of the women agreed to buy the girl out of pity. As it became known, the woman simply asked Irina Golubeva, Lena's mother, to give away the hungry child to her, although the mother did not agree. After that the woman said that she could buy the little girl for three days: Irina Golubeva agreed happily and even brought the daughter herself.

Lena stayed with her “buyer” for three days, and police officers took the child to a local rehabilitation center afterwards. A criminal case has been filed against Irina Golubeva on two clauses of the Russian Penal Code – “Brutal treatment of children” and “Beating.” The materials of the case have been sent to the Sverdlovsk Office of the Public Prosecutor. It has also become known that the little girl's mother is pregnant again.

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Author`s name Olga Savka