The Flood starts in Europe

Thousands of people have been evacuated because of the flood, which is reportedly the most devastating one in 50 years

Scientists' warnings about the repeat of the Flood in the near future are gradually turning from the myth to severe reality. News messages about floods, which regularly occur in all parts of the globe, have already become common in everyday life.

Thousands of residents of West Romania are urgently leaving their homes. Heavy rainfalls, which continue for several days in a row, resulted in the most powerful flood in 50 years.

The streets of Romanian towns and villages have turned into rivers. Water has already destroyed about 7,000 homes. The railway communication has been stopped; currents of water have blocked automobile traffic on many highways of the country. The water level has exceeded two meters in several areas; 3,000 people have already abandoned their flooded homes. A 73-year-old woman has been reportedly killed in the flood.

The evacuation of people still continues. A lot of local residents try to leave the flood-stricken area on boats. The international airport in the town of Timisoara in the west of Romania has been closed: water has flooded runway lights. It is virtually impossible to deliver drinking water and medicines to the area. Doctors are concerned about a possible outburst of infectious diseases: the air humidity is too high. About 35,000 hectares of fertile land have been flooded with water too.

The government of Romania evaluated the total damage at $18 million. Villages and farms in the Timis region, on borders with Serbia, suffered most.

The weather in the north of Romania has changed drastically too. A heavy snowfall unexpectedly struck northern areas of Romania, where trees were already blossoming out.

Dozens of houses have been flooded in neighboring Serbia. Local residents are being urgently evacuated to safe regions. Over 1,500 people have left their villages. Serbian President Boris Tadic has arrived to the disastrous region. The government of Serbia has asked the UN for help.

Specialists say that the natural disaster might strike new territories in the near future:  Hungary and Slovakia are next.

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Author`s name Olga Savka