Five missing boys spotted panhandling in another town

The police of Krasnoyarsk are still desperately looking for the missing children

Most likely, the five schoolboys, who mysteriously disappeared in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk on Saturday, April 16th, have not been kidnapped. The children most likely decided to escape from homes seeking interesting adventures. The chief of the criminal investigation department of the Interior Affairs administration of Krasnoyarsk said that the police found the sixth boy, who was aware of the children's intentions. The boy told the police that the boys had decided to escape from homes and lead independent lives.

In addition, a woman from the neighboring town of Uyar called the police department of Krasnoyarsk and said the she had just seen a group of boys that looked very much like the missing children. The woman also said that the boys were walking around the streets of the town trying to make some money with the help of panhandling.

The five boys from ten to twelve years of age disappeared on Saturday night of April 16th. Several children told the police that they had seen the boys being kidnapped in a car with tinted windows. The boys' parents said that their sons were obedient children and they could not leave anywhere without notice.

The police of Krasnoyarsk started searching for the missing children immediately. They searched every cellar and loft, as well as construction and suburban areas. Over 200 police officers set up a special unit to search for the missing boys in the city district, where they lived.

The chief of the Interior Affairs Ministry of the Krasnoyarsk region, Alexander Gorovoi, met with parents of the missing children. Needless to mention that the parents were more than shocked when they learned that their children mysteriously disappeared. Some of them thought that criminals had stolen the children with a view to sell their internal organs.

The police of Krasnoyarsk are using all possible ways to find the missing children: about 600 police officers and a helicopter are involved in the searching process.

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Author`s name Olga Savka