Remembrance of Columbine in Russia: This time shooting was just for fun

hunting_rifle11-years-old teenager opened fire at passers-by in the north-western Russian region of Karelia. As a result a fifty-years-old inhabitant of the Karelian town Segezh received a gunshot wound in his thorax.

The investigation showed that the wounded man was shot by an eleven-year-old boy, his next-door neighbor. According to a spokesperson of the Karelian Ministry of Interior Affairs, the tragic incident happened last Monday.

The elderly man suddenly clutched at his chest and fell. A passing-by lady called an ambulance. As it turned out, the man was struck down with a 5.6 millimeter bullet. The wound proved to be severe, and the injured man is still at resuscitation department.
shooting_columbineAfter having combed the neighborhood the police found out the bullet had been fired from a balcony of a near-by house. And the shooter was an 11-years-old boy who was using his father's hunting rifle. While his parents were away, he decided to do some shooting from a balcony.

According to the investigation, the boy fired more than 20 shots, some of the bullets being found in trees and even in a wooden window-frame of the neighboring house. 21 cartridge cases were found on the balcony.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva