20-year-old female rapist attacks 9-year-old boy

Boy's parents said that the woman made the boy strip and then performed immoral actions on him

A very unusual crime has been recently committed in a small town of the Kemerovo region of Russia. The criminal was a 20-year-old girl. Parents of a nine-year-old boy reported to the police that an unknown woman had approached their little son in the street and took the boy to one of the doorways of an apartment block nearby.

Parents said that the woman made the boy strip and then performed immoral actions on him. According to the information from the police administration of the town of Guryevsk, where the crime took place, the little boy was frightened a lot, although he managed to give a detailed description of the criminal. 

Police officers detained a 20-year-old woman several hours later, with the help of the boy's description. The boy identified the molester, Regnum news agency reports.

The woman's actions are classified as “lecherous actions against under age individuals.” Police officers are currently investigating the woman's implication in other similar crimes.

Sexual molestation against children is traditionally viewed as a men's crime. Women, however, start appearing in similar occurrences more frequently. A lot of female teachers have been accused of having sexual relations with their male under age students.

Psychologists say that people usually believe that women are morally and physically incapable of committing such crimes because of the image of mother, which implies that women instinctively protect children. The image, however, proves to be wrong. Official statistics says that women make up three percent in the total number of registered sexual crimes. It is noteworthy that there are a lot more of such occurrences in reality.

The investigation of such crimes is much more complicated, though, because specialists of forensic medicine cannot obtain samples for DNA analysis to prove a crime of rape, as it usually happens with male rapists. To crown it all, a boy, who suffered from sexual assault, is usually ashamed of exposing himself publicly as a woman's victim.

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Author`s name Olga Savka