Investigators and media outlets set forth different versions to explain the killing of Armenian student

A pupil of the 11th grade of Moscow school No. 674 has been arrested during the investigation of the recent fatal attack against a dark-skinned national in Moscow. A spokesman for the press service of the Moscow Office of the Public Prosecutor said that the young man, named only as Kulagin (born in 1989) had pleaded guilty of the murder.

All Russian media outlets covering the accident in the Moscow metro represented the event as another attack against a dark-skinned immigrant. The Moscow Department for Struggle against Organized Crime, which was investigating the murder, said that skinheads had nothing to do with the killing of the Armenian student. On the other hand, the people who witnessed the crime on the platform of the Pushkinskaya metro station on Saturday said that the men who attacked the student were wearing black jackets and army boots.

The Armenian student, 17, was a freshman of the Administration University of Moscow. Four of his friends were beaten as a result of the attack. The student, Vagan Abramyants, and several of his friends were going to attend Easter celebrations at Itar-Tass news agency. About a dozen young men, some of them dressed in black jackets and high army boots, approached the Armenian teenagers and started beating them. One of the assaulters stabbed Abramyants three times and escaped from the site. The young man died before the arrival of an ER brigade. Surveillance cameras installed at the metro station filmed the incident.

A spokesman for the Department for Struggle against Organized Crime said that the nature of the conflict was different. An officer said that the fight occurred between two young men as they were waiting for a train to arrive. The two men knew each other and fought over a girl. A source from the Moscow law-enforcement authorities said that the Armenian student insulted the girl of the arrested Russian young man. The latter pulled out a knife and stabbed the student.

“The Armenian young man was killed as a result of an argument, it was not a hate crime at all,” the source told RIA Novosti.

Skinheads continue to conduct their subversive activities against people of other nationalities in Russia. The police of Kirov arrested six young men on Thursday last week for distributing nationalistic leaflets in the city. The leaflets bearing fascist symbols and appeals to kill people of non-Russian nations appeared in the public places of Kirov in large quantities. The arrested young men said during interrogation that they thought of themselves as skinheads.

Four Chinese students were assaulted in the city of Kostroma on Friday. A student of the St.Petersburg Financial University, a citizen of Zambia, was beaten and robbed on Friday in St.Petersburg. The assaulters hit the young man with a glass bottle on the head, stole his wallet and escaped.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov